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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1036

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Chapter 1036

Ryleigh slapped his hand away and said, “I just can’t stand seeing them like that.


Louis pinched her puffed-up cheeks. “If I didn’t come over, were you going to fight them?” Ryleigh
looked at him, deep in thought, but didn’t speak. At that moment, a beautiful woman in a long dress
stood not far away with a smile on her face. “Lew.” Ryleigh stared at Louis, who had great luck with
women. The woman walking over wasn’t as pretty as his ex-girlfriend Xyla but was just as graceful.

She could guess who this woman was. She was probably Jodie Smalls that the other instructors had
been talking about a few days ago. Xyla was an international supermodel who had a classy grace,
while Jodie was a ballet dancer who was demure and elegant, gentle as water.

Louis looked at her, then frowned. “Who are you?”

Ryleigh turned away and covered her mouth, trying not to laugh. Jodie was probably surprised when
Louis didn’t recognize her and paused, feeling a little awkward. “I’m Jodie, don’t you remember?” “Oh,
it’s you.” Louis sounded indifferent. “Can I help you?” Jodie smiled. “I’ve returned to the academy. I
heard that you’ve always been here, so I came over to see.” Her eyes then drifted toward Ryleigh.
“Who is this?”

Louis hugged Ryleigh’s shoulder. “My wife.”

Jodie was surprised. “You’re married?”

Louis squinted. “Is that weird?”

Jodie shook her head. “No, I’m just surprised because I thought…” She looked down with a smile on
her face. “I thought you would be with Xyla forever.”

Ryleigh crossed her arms. Jodie didn’t feel like a simple girt. Had she intentionally mentioned Xyla?
Ryleigh hugged Louis’ arm. “Honey.”

Louis looked at her curiously because of what she called him. She didn’t notice his expression but was
doing this intentionally. “Isn’t Jodie Smalls the prettiest girl on your campus? Why don’t you introduce
us?” Jodie wasn’t expecting Ryleigh to say that, and her eyes shifted over to Louis.

Louis only had his eyes on Ryleigh.” There’s no need to introduce you if you already know.” Ryleigh
rolled her eyes. “That’s not the same. She’s your school friend, and you introduced Robbin and Blake
to me. We can’t discriminate against your female friends, can we?”

Louis knew she was doing that intentionally, so he chuckled, “You’re right Now you know her too. She’s
a former pianist, Jodie Smalls.” Ryleigh looked at Jodie with a smile and extended her hand. “Hello Ms.
Smalls. Nice to meet you.” Jodie looked at Ryleigh, and when she extended her hand, Ryleigh
retracted hers and turned around to speak to the students in the practice hall. “Practice well. We need
to bring glory to the orchestra!” The few students were motivated. “Yes, ma’am!” Ignoring Jodie’s
awkward expression, Ryleigh dragged Louis and left.

When they walked to the classroom building, Louis pulled his arm back and pulled her into his arms.
“Are you jealous again?” Ryleigh smacked his hand away and turned to face him. “What do you mean
by jealous? I just can’t stand her.”

After saying that, she imitated Jodie. “Lew, aww, look at me. I’m so sweet.”

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