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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1037

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Chapter 1037

Louis enjoyed her ‘performance and couldn’t help but say, “You can do that too.”

Ryleigh was disgusted. “No way!”

Louis leaned in closer to her. “Weren’t you nastier when you called me honey?” Ryleigh paused and
quickly looked away. ‘Did I? I didn’t, no way. You misheard.”

He pinched her cheek and made her look at him. “Playing dumb, are we?”

Before Ryleigh could speak, Louis kissed her. She was surprised but then started smacking him
playfully. “We’re in public, Mm! He ignored it, then backed her up against the wall and took her breath
away, taking in all her sweetness. When Ryleigh saw someone walk past them again, she pushed him
away anxiously and turned around while she blushed, fanning with her hand,

“Professor Lucas.” A student nodded at Louis, who responded with a nod.

Ryleigh hid behind him and tried to slip away after the students walked away.

Unfortunately, Louis caught her. “Where are you going?” Ryleigh whispered, “I’m going back.”

“Why? You don’t have class in the afternoon.” He then hugged her.

Ryleigh was stunned but put her arms around his neck. “How did you know?”

He smiled. “How could I not know?” She blushed again. “You’re not allowed to even when I don’t have
class…” Her voice trailed off. Louis stood there and looked down at the person in his arms before
raising his eyebrows. “Oh, that’s what you were thinking about?”

Ryleigh choked and smacked him. “You’re a b*stard!”

Louis laughed. “You know that already.”

Louis drove her to an area with high-end villas that were just one station away from the school.

Ryleigh walked into the house with a minimalist decor with him. There was a balcony outside the huge
window, and the balcony was connected to the master bedroom, which faced the sea.

“When did you buy this place?” Ryleigh walked into the room from the balcony and looked inside. Louis
stood behind her and opened the door for her. She fell inward as the room had wooden floors.

Louis laughed.

She angrily got up. “You did that on purpose!”

Before she could find her balance, Louis pulled her into his arms. “This was my private dorm while I
was in university.

Other than Bobbin and Blake, you’re the first woman I’ve ever brought over.”

Ryleigh paused and suddenly asked, “Not even Xyla?”

Louis pushed her down on the bed and kissed her before she could react. “I told you, you’re the first
woman here. You should be punished.”

Ryleigh hugged him. “Louis Lucas…”

He kissed her passionately. His chest was thumping, and sweat started dripping.

In the evening…

The setting sun shone onto the green curtains. Ryleigh woke up in Louis’ arms, looked at his sleeping
face, which was just inches away, and planted a kiss.

Louis suddenly started chuckling, and Ryleigh was surprised as she had been caught. She sat up. “You
were pretending to be asleep!” Louis hugged her tighter, placing his chin on the top of her head. “I don’t
feel like sleeping when you’re around.”

Ryleigh poked his shoulder. “I don’t have clothes to change into.”

Louis said, “Wear mine.

She frowned. “What about tomorrow?”



Louis kissed her cheek, “I’ll get someone to send something over.”

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