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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1042

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Chapter 1042

They knew they had stood up for the wrong person, and they felt too embarrassed to stay here. Just
when they were going to leave Jodie behind and run away, Xyla called out to them. “Hold on a second.
You people were very aggressive just now when you were criticizing her, so what now? Is it that hard
for you people to open your mouth and apologize to her?”

Seeing that they refused to apologize to her, Ryleigh said, “Forget about it. I don’t need their apology.”

“That’s your business. They did the wrong thing, so they have to apologize. If they can’t even apologize
for what they’ve done wrong, they might not be fit to be an instructor. In that case, I suggest they pack
their stuff and go home as they will only negatively influence the students.”

No matter how reluctant those female instructors were, they could do nothing but apologize to Ryleigh
under Xyla’s oppression.

Ryleigh accepted their apology. Xyla pulled out a lipstick and freshened up her makeup through the
phone screen. “I m tired of talking so long. I’m done, so I’m out of here.”

Xyla closed the cap of her lipstick and turned around. Ryleigh put Jodie aside and chased her. “Wait…”
Even though Xyla heard that Ryleigh was calling for her, she did not stop. nor did she turn around. “You
don’t have to thank me. I didn’t do it for you.”

Ryleigh followed behind her and frowned.”

Why did you help me then?”

She paused for a while before adding, “In any case, I still need to thank you.”

Even though she did not like Xyla, that latter did help her. She would feel bad if she did not thank her.
Xyla stopped in her tracks, turned around, smiled at Ryleigh, and said, “You really want to thank me?”

Ryleigh looked at her in confusion.

She put her hand under her chin and said meaningfully, “If you want to thank me, why don’t you give
Louis to me instead?” Ryleigh was stunned. When she finally came around to her senses, she fought
back. “He is a human, and I can’t give him away like he’s an item. Besides, we’re married, and you
should try not to get him back.” Xyla chuckled and said, “Who told you that I’m going to get him back?
Do you think Louis Lucas is the only man in this world? He’s the stingiest and most stubborn man I’ve
ever met, and I have had enough of him. I’m not going to give up my whole forest because of one
crooked-neck tree.”

Ryleigh was shocked.

She momentarily thought a ghost or something had possessed Xyla. Hadn’t she been hellbent on
getting Louis back when she returned from overseas? How did she give up so soon?

Xyla’s phone rang, and she picked it up.” I’m sorry, daring. Something came up, and I had to get rid of
it. I’ll go to meet you right away. Alright, alright, I’ll buy you dinner to make it up for you, okay? That’s
decided then.”

She hung up the call and put her phone back into her bag. “A matter of a few hundred dollars at the
cost of my appointment. I’m out of here.”

Xyla left without turning her head back, leaving Ryleigh to stand frozen stiff with a dumbfounded
expression etched on her face. She still couldn’t come around to her senses even after Xyla was gone
in her car. Louis came out of nowhere and said, “Now you believe that there’s nothing between her and

Ryleigh was stumped. She turned her head around to look at Louis, who was leaning against a wall,
and asked, “She… Did she just call another man ‘honey? She has gotten over you so quickly?” Louis
shook his head helplessly. “Do you want her to fight with you for me?”

Ryleigh replied with a pout, “Of course, I don’t want to…”

He stopped in front of her and pinched her cheek. “No one can get me away from you, Ryleigh.”

Ryleigh lowered her head. “Did you ask her to come and help me?”

Louis squinted and replied, “You can’t take on Jodie alone, so I could only get help from her. She’s very
familiar with Jodie, so you’d have a better chance of winning with her by your side.”

Ryleigh was stunned. She lifted her head to look at him and asked, “So you were aware of everything
about Jodie a long time ago?”

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