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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1043

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Chapter 1043

Louis raised his eyebrows. “Of course, I do. I have seen a lot of women, so do you think she can fool
me with those petty tricks?”

Ryleigh did not say anything. Initially, she thought no man would be able to differentiate batches from
other ordinary women.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and asked incredulously, “Then why did you behave like a
stupid man during the incident with Willow?”

Louis was momentarily stumped when Ryleigh brought up the incident from three years ago. He was
caught between tears and laughter as he said, “I didn’t even like Willow, alright? When my mother said
that she’s my cousin because of an item of evidence, did I believe it?“

Ryleigh was stumped. It seemed to her that Louis was right. He had never admitted that Willow was his

Suddenly, she remembered something and went closer to him. “Then am I a scheming girl to you?”

“You?” Louis crossed his arms around his chest and laughed. “If you’re considered a scheming girl with
your intelligence, I’m afraid that there are no scheming women in this world.”

“What? How could you!?” Ryleigh shouted angrily.

Louis grabbed her into his arms, and his smile broadened. “I’m just stating the truth. But this is why I
like you. You’re simple, cute, and easy to be bullied.”

Ryleigh showered his chest with her fists. and Louis stopped her by grabbing her hands and securing
her tightly in his arms.

“Of course, no one can bully you other than me.” Ryleigh rolled her eyes at him and said,” You said that
because you can’t bully Xyla, right?” Louis rested his chin on the top of her head and said, “Why do you
have to be jealous of her? Does a man need so many reasons when he chooses the woman he likes?”

Perhaps for other men, picking a perfect and flawless wife to spend the rest of their lives respectfully
was the right choice, but he did not need it. He had been raised in a good environment, so he had been
exposed to too many good women.

The reason he had chosen Ryleigh over Xyla was not that Xyla was bad. It was because he had seen
too many resemblances in Xyla. They led the same life and were harsh to themselves. When they were
together, they would interact like friends more than lovers.

In his memory, Ryleigh was as excellent as he. If he had come across her earlier, he might not have
married her.

However, the reality was that even though he had never interacted with Ryleigh before, he had heard of
her many times from other people and was interested in her.

He had been amazed and impressed by her when he saw her on the stage in Bassburgh High, but he
did not think she would be the woman who would walk the rest of his life with him.

However, destiny was unpredictable. When he saw Ryleigh, she was no longer the “perfect Ryleigh”
she used to be. Even though she was flawed, she was straightforward and simple despite being born
into a wealthy family. This was something he couldn’t find in other women who came from the same



as them. Therefore, he chose Ryleigh in the end.

Several days later… When Ryleigh met up with Maisie in a coffee shop, she recounted everything that
had happened in the academy.

While Maisie was stirring her coffee, she lifted her head and asked, “So, Xyla stepped in and saved you
from your predicament?”

“That’s because your cousin said I can’t handle Jodie alone,” Ryleigh said with a pout.

Maisie chuckled. “Well, my cousin isn’t wrong. Putting that Jodie aside, you’re the only one who would
get bullied like that in the academy.”

Ryleigh lowered her head to sip on her coffee. She looked vulnerable and helpless but refused to admit
it. “I won’t let other people bully me next time.”

“If they come to look for trouble again, I’ll fight back. I want them to know that I, Ryleigh Hill, isn’t a
pushover!” Ryleigh said confidently.

Maisie put her hand on her forehead and said, “I guess they won’t come to look for trouble any more
about this time. Honestly, it’s very easy to counter them. If you can prove the worth of the orchestra
department to everyone, won’t you be able to shut their mouths?”

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