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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1044

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Chapter 1044

Ryleigh was stumped. After a short while, she lowered her head and sighed. “That’s what I’m worried
about . Although the music trailer featured the orchestra department, I’m worried that the audience
won’t accept it . What if I messed it up? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing?” Maisie looked at her and said,
‘Well, what’s done is done.”

She put down the cup and picked up her purse. “Let’s go.”

“Go where?” Ryleigh asked.

Maisie paid the bill at the cashier and replied, “I’m going to show you a nice place.” Ryleigh hurriedly
took all her stuff and followed after Maisie.

Maisie parked her car outside the gate of Lebaron Town. Ryleigh looked at the gate through the
window. She was stunned and asked, “Lebaron Town?”

Maisie got out of the car. Many visitors were bustling here and there in Lebaron Town, and it was very

Ryleigh was walking next to her. When she saw that Maisie had bought two tickets, she turned to look
at her. “What are we doing here in a tourist spot? Do you not need to work?”

“Of course, I need to,” Maisie said as she stuffed a ticket into her hand. “Aren’t you worried that your
audience can’t accept the orchestra? Well, we can have a live orchestra performance here to test their

A few students were performing on the street. It was not a rare sight in a tourist spot like this, and
Ryleigh tugged at Maisie. “Zee, you’re not asking me to…”

Maisie laughed. “I’m sure you can do it.”

“But… We don’t know them. They won’t lend me their instruments, right?” Ryleigh asked.

Maisie turned her head to look at her. “In this world, money isn’t the solution to every problem, but
sometimes, it can solve some of our problems.”

Then, Ryleigh saw Maisie walking toward the group of students, and she was stunned. Maisie had
been leading a frugal life, so since when did she become such a spendthrift

After striking up a deal with them, Maisie spun around and waved at Ryleigh.

Ryleigh had no other choice but to walk toward them. The students were fans of the orchestra. When
they heard from Maisie that Ryleigh majored in orchestra, they warmed up to her quickly.

They all had the same hobby, and Ryleigh soon became friends with them.

They were a group of people who liked to perform on the street as well as to promote the orchestra.
However, people were not very interested in the orchestra most of the time. Even if they performed for
a whole day, they might earn about $50 in a peak season, but during the low season, when there were
fewer tourists, they would only be able to earn ten or so dollars at most. Not only that, but most of the
tourists would just be looking at them or taking photos. They were not interested in the orchestra at all.

Ryleigh pressed her lips tightly. The general style of the orchestra was different from modern
mainstream music. It had a very small audience, and if they did not add some twist to their
performance, nobody would want to watch it.



Llapiei 1044

She rested her chin on her hand and fell into thought. After a while, Maisie brought a group of people
over. All of them were holding musical instruments and bags.

Ryleigh was stunned. “Zee, why did you…”

Why did you spend so much money again?’ Maisie looked at her and said, “I invited them over to help
you guys. Here will be your stage.” While Ryleigh still couldn’t come around from her shock, the group
of people had put down their musical instruments.

Looking at the pile of modern instruments in front of her, Ryleigh soon had an idea.

What if I combine contemporary pop music with classical music? When two different elements collide, l’
m sure it’ll give the audience something new.’

After that, Ryleigh became more confident. She turned around to look at the group of students behind
her and said, “I’m going to rearrange three pieces, so come and help me.”

The group of students looked at each other and nodded.

Ryleigh borrowed a laptop and began arranging a score on the spot. She made two copies of the
score, one for the students and the other for the three musicians.

The three musicians always performed in

bars. They loved music, and the music adapted by Ryleigh was just pop music with classical style, so it
was not an issue for them.

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