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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1048

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Chapter 1048

The police asked the principal to mediate the issue, and the principal released an official statement on
campus after learning the truth. On the same day, after the recording was uploaded onto the school’s
website, the instructors and students of the academy were shocked by the news.

After Jodie was hospitalized for a few days and returned to the academy again, her desk had been
cleared, and a letter of dismissal could be seen left on it.

Several female instructors pointed at her and glanced at her from time to time.

“I always thought she was so kind. I didn’t expect her to be such a scheming person.’ “It’s a shame that
I always thought she seemed so pitiful and had shown her so much support before this. She really
deserves this.”

“I heard that she was already quite a scheming person when she was still studying at the academy. It’s
no wonder Mr. Lucas didn’t take a fancy to her back then.”

When Jodie overheard the discussions that went back and forth behind her, her complexion ashen as
her hands trembled involuntarily.

The image that I’ve created and maintained for so many years has been eradicated completely. After
so many years, I finally got to return to the academy, but everything has been ruined now, all because
of Xyla and Ryleigh!

Jodie picked up the things on the desk and left the office with a cardboard box in her arms, while those
students who once fancied her all turned a blind eye.

Jodie threw the cardboard box into the trash can downstairs.

I’ll never let this pass!’

She took out her phone, dialed a number, and said aggrievedly after the call got connected, “Mr.
Hathaway, I’m Jodie… I’ve thought this out. I agree to be your lover.”

The other party snorted while slowly pouring wine into the wine glass in his hand. “I thought you didn’t
want to be my lover before this. May I know what made you change your mind so quickly?”

Jodie clenched her fists tightly.

‘It’s not that I don’t want to be his lover. It’s just that I want him to think highly of me and leave a good
impression.’ Who’s Yorrick Hathaway? He’s the son of a tycoon in Yaramooi, who is way superior to
those men that I’ve managed to approach so far. He is not married and has no official girlfriend either.
He only has dozens of lovers all over the world. He’ll always be accompanied by someone different
whenever he travels to a country.

“He’s never been stingy when he’s around women. Apart from that, he’s never shown any of his lovers
any genuine feelings or given them an official title. I know that countless women should want to
approach him due to his status and identity. If I had not pretended to reject him at first and played hard
to pique his interest in me, it would have been impossible for me to obtain his contact information.

‘But if I could get near to Yorrick, or even become his only lover, Ryleigh and Xyla, or even the entire
academy, who are they to me?’

She bit her lip lightly. “I’ll play my role as a lover in peace, and I won’t compete with the others for

The cell phone on the desktop was on loudspeaker, and the caller’s identity was unknown. Yorrick

shook the wine glass in his hand, laughed, and his eyes did not even waver. “I’ll consider it.”

Yorrick ended the call without waiting for Jodie to say anything, lifted his head, and drank the wine from
the glass.

The bodyguard walked to his side and lowered his head. “Sir, Mr. Knowles is here.”

As soon as the bodyguard finished speaking, Yorrick saw a figure appear at the door. He then put the
glass on the table, crossed his legs together, and changed his posture. “Mr. Knowles, you seem free
today, huh?” Tristan walked to the couch and sat down on his own. He also did not beat about the
bushes. “Where is Noilace?”

Yorrick rubbed his chin with his fingers and narrowed his eyes. “What makes you believe that I have
information about the whereabouts of the young heir of the Knowles?”

Tristan scoffed. “I just know.” Yorrick poured wine into the glass without haste. “You Knowles now owe
me a huge favor.” Tristan leaned against the back of the couch, lowered his gaze, and smiled.” Indeed,
thank you very much for protecting the future heir of the Knowles.”

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