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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1052

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Chapter 1052

He calmly replied, “In-law.”

Maisie immediately asked, “Are you sure that Hector stole something? Did you investigate it?”

The officer didn’t know what to do. “The expensive stolen watch was found in Mr. Vanderbilt’s bag.
We’re still investigating what actually happened.” Maisie rushed into the interrogation room when
Hector turned to look at her and lowered his head. “I didn’t steal the watch.

Maisie looked at him. “I believe you, but what happened?”

Hector tightened his fist. “The assistant of the editor-in-chief gave it to me.” He clenched his jaw.” |
bumped into the editorin-chief’s wife having an affair in the office, and he tried to bribe me with the
watch so that I wouldn’t spill out the beans.

I didn’t agree nor take the watch, but it suddenly showed up in my bag.”

Maisie took a deep breath because this was obviously a setup and held her forehead.” So he found out
that you found out?”

Hector nodded.

Maisie looked at him. “How did you find out?”

Hector scratched his head. “I thought that woman was getting… so I rushed in,” Then he whispered,
“How would I know that she was the wife of the editor-in-chief?”

Maisie cleared her throat. She wasn’t surprised that he was framed because office scandals were
usually consensual. The people working there were used to it, and some didn’t want to intervene

because they wanted to keep their jobs. Hector, the newbie, was too straight and had fallen into the

Hector shouldn’t be blamed. He was just doing what was right.

Nolan contacted someone in the corridor and walked in when he was done. “We can go now. The
editor-in chief of the magazine will run a thorough investigation.”

Maisie looked at him. “You contacted the editor-in-chief?” Nolan hugged her by the waist. I’m family.
Shouldn’t I get some special treatment?”

Hector slowly stood up. “Can I really go back to work?”

Nolan looked at him, nodded, and said, “I’m your cousin. You wouldn’t need to steal a watch worth

Maisie understood what he meant. Nolan had contacted the editor, which told him about his
relationship with Hector. If he had a billionaire as a cousin, would he need to steal a watch that only
cost $ 50,000? Nolan could get him a few watches worth $ 100,000, let alone $50,000.

However, Nolan’s ‘special treatment’ was really useful because the next day, when Hector was back in
the magazine office, the editor-in-chief clarified the theft during their meeting.

Mr. Lowe’s expression changed, and he immediately stood up. “Sir, my watch was found in his bag.
Everyone saw that.”

The two staff members sitting next to him nodded. When Mr. Lowe had said that his watch was missing

and they did a search, it was found in Hector’s bag.

Hector followed Maisie’s advice and didn’t say a word.

Mr. Lowe looked proud when Hector didn’t say anything. “He doesn’t even want to deny it. Sir, you can’t
protect the thief just because he has potential!”

The editor-in-chief slammed the table.’ What do you mean by ‘protect’?”

Everyone was shocked, including Mr. Lowe

The editor-in-chief’s expression was stoic.’ We just need to check the surveillance cameras to know if
he really stole it. Do you think the cameras are just part of the decor?”

Panic flashed across Mr. Lowe’s face when he heard the word ‘surveillance’. He had been under the
impression that Hector would leave after what happened, and there wouldn’t be a chance to check the

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