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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1062

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Chapter 1062

“I know, right?” Lucy looked delighted too.” Ms. Vanderbilt has high standards when it comes to looking
for a design. Apart from the refinement of the workpiece, she looks for creativity too. She also insists
that all creations must have their own souls.”

“Soul?” Naomi stared at her.

Lucy explained, “Although I don’t know what the soul of a workpiece is, the motto of Soul Jewelry is to
instill souls in all its products. Ms. Vanderbilt said even though a jewelry piece is an inanimate object,
its designer must give a meaning to its existence when it’s being designed.”

Naomi arrived at a lightbulb moment all of a sudden. Lucy turned to look at her. “Ms. Vanderbilt

has high hopes for you.”

Naomi was stunned for a split second.” Me?”

“Yes.” Lucy nodded as her gaze was fixed on the jewelry in the cabinet. “Ms.

Vanderbilt said that you’ll also become a successful jewelry designer in the future.” Naomi’s eyelashes
drooped as she did not know what to think. However, at this time, Lucy said to her after receiving a call,
“You can go around and see for yourself first. I still have something to deal with.”

She nodded.

Naomi stayed in the exhibition room after Lucy left. The jewelry workpieces were all displayed in the
cabinets. In addition to jewelry pieces with a modern gothic style, some had a colorful style, some had
a retro, gothic design, while there was also a series of jewelry pieces that went a little more classic.

She was a little surprised that a jewelry designer could come up with all kinds of jewelry designs and go
deep into the core of every design language. Apart from that, every piece of work felt like an individual
living existence.

Workpieces without souls were just beautiful-looking inanimate objects, while workpieces that were
infused with souls could resonate with other people in addition to just looking pretty.

Her ringing phone interrupted her thoughts. She took it out of her pocket, saw that it was her father
calling, and hurriedly answered the call. “Dad?” “Naomi, I’ll be attending a wine reception tonight and
will arrive home later, so don’t wait for me for dinner.”

Naomi smiled upon listening to her father’s update. “Okay, got it.”

Naomi left the exhibition room after hanging up the call.

On the plane, Maisie leaned against Nolan’s shoulder, resting. Nolan was flipping through the financial
magazine when he noticed that the head resting on his shoulder was about to slide down. Thus, he had
no choice but to stretch out his arms and embrace her.

He asked the flight attendant for a blanket and covered Maisie with it.

Maisie’s eyelashes twitched while he was doing so, and she slowly opened her eyes.

She then heard a bold and deep chuckle coming from above her head. “You’ve woken up?”

She responded languidly and buried her face in his shoulders and neck.

Nolan stroked her hair, lowered his gaze, and continued to go through the magazine in his hand.

The flight arrived at the airport in Stoslo. Because there was a four-hour time difference, it was already
10: 00p.m. in Zlokova while it was only 6:00 p.m. in Stoslo. Hans’ car was parked at the exit of the

airport. He was so tall and huge that he would not be buried by the crowd when he was standing right
in front of the car.

He had placed a cigarette in between his lips and was about to light it with the lighter when he saw
Nolan and Maisie. He could not bother to smoke anymore, so he put the cigarette back into the packet
and the lighter back into his pocket.

“Mr. Goldmann, Mrs. Goldmann, thank God that you’ve arrived safely.” Hans strode forward and took
the luggage into his hands. Nolan asked him, “How’s Grandpa?”

Hans put the luggage into the trunk while replying to the question. “Elder Master Goldmann’s age is
catching up to him already, and he used to be an alcoholic back then. We noticed that he was suffering
from high blood pressure a few days ago and sent him to the hospital.” Nolan frowned. “Then why
would you wait until yesterday to tell me about this?”

Hans felt helpless. “Elder Master

Goldmann didn’t want me to tell it to anybody. I couldn’t stand doing nothing anymore yesterday, so I
informed Quincy immediately.”

“That geezer is indeed a stubborn one. He just has to do so in order to not look bad in front of us.”
Nolan opened the car door for Maisie to get in first, and Hans and Nolan got into the car after her.

The car stopped at the hospital entrance, Hans brought them to the ward, and Nicholas was standing in
the corridor talking to the doctor.

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