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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1065

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Chapter 1065

*Mr, Hathaway, is this how you make a fool out of the women that you’ve approached before this? I
really took what you said very seriously.” Jodie looked very disappointed.

Unfortunately, this trick did not work on him either. “Are you serious? So did you play hard-to-get with
me the other day?” She came up with an excuse instantly. “… I just needed some time to think about it
at that time. I wasn’t playing hard-to-get.”

Yorrick smiled. “Then are you telling me that you’ve thought about it thoroughly now?”

“Yes.” Jodie approached him boldly, pulled his hand, and pressed it against her chest with all her
strength. “I’m deadly serious and sincere this time around, Mr.

Hathaway. I can be yours tonight as long as you’re willing to accept me.”

The door of the next room just happened to be pushed open at that exact moment. Xyla, who had
taken off her makeup, showered, and had not dried her hair, came out to the corridor in a bathrobe to
pick up a call from a takeaway delivery man.

This time around, the eyes of all three of them were fixed on each other.

Xyla’s gaze stopped on Yorrick’s hand, which was being pressed against Jodie’s chest, and she said,
“Hi there, Ms. Smalls. Are you so lustful that you just have to do this in the corridor?”

Jodie did not expect that Xyla would run into this embarrassing scene, so her face paled instantly.
Yorrick pushed Jodie aside and approached Xyla with a smile. “My love, I’m sorry for making you wait
for such a long time.”

He wrapped his arms around Xyla’s shoulders, but before Xyla could react, Yorrick had already pushed
her into the room and closed the door.

Jodie, who got left outside the door, froze in place.

“How could this be possible!? The woman that Yorrick has an appointment with tonight is Xyla

However, Yorrick had covered Xyla’s mouth forcibly in the room, and she could not even make a sound.
He only let go of her after he confirmed that Jodie had departed through the cat eye on the door,

He then brushed his hair backward with his fingers and gave off a despicable smirk.

“Sorry, miss, this is just a desperate move of mine.”

Xyla crossed her arms and glared at him.” Pfft! You men are really good at acting. That’s obviously a
woman you flirted with earlier on, yet you pretend to be some righteous fella when they’ve taken the
initiative to come to your doorstep?”

“Me? A righteous fella?” Yorrick’s eyes narrowed slightly. This was the first time he heard someone
describe him as a righteous man.

Xyla rubbed the manicure that she just got done and said casually, “At least know what type of woman
you’ re trying to court before you start to play hard-to-get with her.”

Yorrick laughed. “Miss, what are you talking about? I’m trying to play hard-to-get with that woman?”

Xyla raised her head to look at him. “Bro, I guess you’re still a newbie in society.

Although you look good and are right up Jodie’s alley, I advise you not to take it too seriously.”

She patted his shoulder after she finished speaking and took a good look at Yorrick.’ Honestly, bro, I
think you have a good image, and everything you wear is designer brand. Are you the son of some
random wealthy family who’s just stepped into society? Given the vanity of that woman, I don’t think
you can ever satisfy her pride. So be careful, don’t get deceived.’

Xyla opened the door and pushed him out.” Bro, this is the best I can do for you, be careful.”

The door slammed shut.

Yorrick covered his face with his palm-he was so angry that he found it funny. ‘Bro, the son of some
random wealthy family, trying to play hard-to-get with that woman, and a righteous fella…’

He took his palm off his face and took a glance at the room number.

Women nowadays, they’ll become pros in b *llsh*tting all of a sudden just to get close to me.

‘That’s interesting.’

He laughed, turned around, and walked toward his suite.

At Stoslo…

The sun had just set, and the night had just begun. The lights in the city lit up the whole city in an
instant. “Nolan, are we there yet?” Maisie stretched out her hand, trying to grasp onto something. Her
eyes were covered with a silk scarf, and she could only take tiny steps forward with Nolan’s help.
Feeling the sea breeze in her ears, she knew that they must have come to a beach, but she did not
know what surprise he had planned for her.

“We’re here.” Nolan removed the silk scarf, and she opened her eyes. The first thing that caught her
eyes was the dazzling stars reflected on the sea’s surface.

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