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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1064

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Chapter 1064

‘But what can we say? He’s the tycoon of Yaramoor. He’s wealthy enough to wage war on a country
without any hesitation. Not to mention that his family is closely connected to Yaramoor’s nobility. So,
why would he take a fancy to a woman from our circle?

“Frankly speaking, marrying a princess might not even be on his to-do list.’

Yorrick apologized to them, walked toward Anthony with a wine glass, and proposed a toast.

Anthony was flattered and said with a smile, “Mr. Hathaway, I should be the one who’s proposing a
toast here.”

Yorrick responded solemnly, “You’re an elder, and I’m the one who wants to

collaborate with you, so it’s only natural for me to show you some respect.”

Anthony did not say anything more. Since the other party did not care about such trivial matters, he
went with the flow and casually accepted his toast.

The director standing beside Anthony asked with a smile, “Mr. Topaz, why didn’t your daughter come
with you?”

Anthony replied, “My daughter isn’t very used to such an occasion.”

Another director said flatteringly, “It’s said that your daughter ended up in a coma for 11 years back
then due to an accident. The charity works that you’ve insisted on doing over all these years must have
moved God Himself since she could regain consciousness.”

Anthony smiled without uttering a single word.

In fact, he could see clearly that everyone had only brought their daughters to such an occasion to find
ways to form connections with the powerful and the rich.

He did not want his daughter to attend such occasions only because he did not want to use his
daughter as a tool to facilitate his business. She was his only daughter, after all.

When the banquet was over, Anthony realized that he had drunk a little too much, so much that he was

the verge of not being able to stay upright.

Yorrick asked his bodyguard to send Anthony back home and left the reception first. The two
bodyguards helped Anthony out of the hotel after that.

Yorrick returned to the hotel by himself, but he met Jodie in the corridor on his way back.

His eyes dimmed slightly.

Jodie finally got to meet him, so she walked forward with an aggrieved and pitiful expression. “Mr.
Hathaway, why aren’t you answering my calls?”

Yorrick scoffed. “There are plenty of women who want to call me every day. How is it possible for me to
be there to pick up every single one of those calls?”

He passed by her and walked toward his room. Jodie walked around him and stopped him abruptly.
“Mr. Hathaway, I know this might sound a little sudden, but… Please give me a chance.” Yorrick raised
her eyebrows. “Oh? What chance do you want me to give you?”

Jodie lowered her head, pretending to be shy. “I’ll do anything that you want me to do.”

Yorrick leaned over and got closer to her.” Does that include getting all physical with me?”

Jodie did not expect him to be so direct, so her cheeks flushed in an instant. “If that’s what you wish.”
Yorrick laughed, straightened his posture, and loosened his tie. “But it’s a pity that I have an
appointment with another woman tonight.”

Jodie was startled.

Yorrick went around her, and Jodie suddenly wrapped her arms around his. “Why can’t I make the cut?”
Yorrick frowned.

Jodie got even closer to him on purpose. She deliberately wore a blouse that had a low neckline so that
there was no way that Yorrick could not see her chest from his height. She said coquettishly, “Mr.
Hathaway, you mentioned in Yaramoor that you like me very much.” Yorrick fixed his gaze at the
gloomy night sky and laughed. “I’ve said this to too many women.”

He pulled his arms away and pinched Jodie’s chin. “I’m constantly being surrounded by women who
look more gorgeous and are more talented than you. So, maybe work harder on your seduction skills
before we meet again?”

Jodie looked a little embarrassed and bit her lip lightly. “But those women must ask you for an official
status. That’s something that I won’t ask of you.”

He let go of her chin, took out a handkerchief, and wiped the fingertips that he used to pinch her. “But
those women come from prominent families.”

The phrase “prominent families” struck Jodie’s heart. But before she could recover, Yorrick had already
thrown the handkerchief into the trash can with a smirk on his face. “When I told you that I liked you
and wanted you to be one of my many lovers, it’s just my way of joking around with women. But you
actually took it seriously?”

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