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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1067

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Chapter 1067

Yorrick took a few looks at her. She hadn’t blown her hair out properly the night before, so it was a
mess. She hadn’t had makeup on and had just been wearing a robe, so he didn’t recognize her the
night before. However, as he took a closer look, she looked great now that she was dressed up. Her
figure was pretty close to the women he had met overseas.

But her actions… probably were from the entertainment world.

Yorrick looked down and smiled because he thought it was funny, “I’m sorry, I really didn’t recognize

Xyla’s smile froze, and she naturally put the pen away. If she didn’t feel embarrassed, the other person

When the elevator door opened, a couple who was waiting outside was deep in a kiss and didn’t notice
that the doors were open.

When the assistant saw who the man was, she was startled. “Nathan!?”

Nathan stopped what he was doing, and his expression froze when he looked into the elevator. He then
pushed the woman away. “Xyla, I can explain!”

Nathan would step into the elevator when Xyla raised her leg and kicked him. She immediately pressed
the close button.

Everyone in the elevator was shocked.

After a moment, her phone started ringing, and Nathan was calling.

Xyla declined it and switched it to flight mode.

Yorrick suddenly laughed. “Was that your boyfriend?”

Xyla chuckled. “What boyfriend? He was just a fish who jumped out of my pond. I don’t need him.” The
assistant covered her face.

Ever since Xyla’s return and she was’ affected by her ex’s wedding, she had let her real personality out.
Thus, she was able to say that with a straight face.

Yorrick looked at her and didn’t say anything.

The elevator stopped at the lobby, and Xyla and her assistant walked out first, with Yorrick calmly

The bodyguards opened the car door for him. He got in and said to the bodyguard,” Can you find
information about the woman just now?’

The bodyguard handed his phone to him.” It’s here.”

Yorrick took the phone. People in entertainment were really easy to find. All they needed was a simple
search, and her name and picture would pop up. They were all legitimate.

Xyla was an international model who left the modeling world a year ago. Her father was the director of
Royal Crown, while her ex was Louis Lucas from the Lucases.

He found pictures of her Sheena Jewelry show walk, and it was outstanding.

The bodyguards suddenly turned around.” Sir, that woman is calling again.”

Yorrick rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Not giving up yet.” His eyes were fixed on a photo on his phone
as he thought of something, and he smiled. “I guess I have to find a woman in Zlokova to get rid of the


Xyla knew Jodie and was in the dating game too, so he wasn’t worried that she would be attached. As
such , she was the perfect candidate.

Meanwhile, in another car…

“Nathan is such an *ssh*le. Unbelievable!” The assistant who was seated in the passenger seat was
angry . He had just promised to treat Xyla well and sent flowers to her set every day. She had tried so
hard to set them up, but look at what happened!

How could he pretend to be a loyal man?

Xyla sat there with no expression on her face. She had her sunglasses on, so no one could see what
her eyes were showing.

She crossed her arms and calmly said,” That’s very common in the entertainment world. Couples get
married and divorced. Breakups are so common. That’s not weird at all.”

The assistant was angry. “But he was so… caring and attentive. I didn’t expect that all that was fake.”

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