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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1063

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Chapter 1063

Seeing that Nolan and Maisie had come, Nicholas was slightly flustered. “Why are you here?” “We’ve
come to see Grandpa.” Nolan glanced into the ward. “What happened to him?”

Nicholas snorted. “What else could have happened? He’s still as stubborn as a mule at such an old
age. He wouldn’t even come to the hospital even though he already felt not too well since long ago.”

As soon as Nicholas finished explaining to Nolan, Titus’ dissatisfied voice sounded from inside the
ward.” B*stard! Isn’t it just hypertension? My body is still as tough as it could ever be.”

Nicholas glanced at Nolan with a speechless expression. “You see?”

The doctor said that Titus suffered from hypertension. Since he was very old, the sudden hypertension
wasn’t good news for the elderly.

Nicholas seconded the doctor and said to Nolan after the doctor left, “Go in and persuade your

Nolan adjusted his suit’s jacket and walked into the ward.

Titus was leaning on the bed for an infusion. He lifted his eyelids and saw Nolan and Maisie entering
the ward. “I won’t die so soon, so don’t you worry about me.”

Nolan asked him indifferently, “You’ve been a busy man for more than half of your lifetime. Is that still
not enough for you?”

Titus was exasperated. “You b*stard, is that how you’re supposed to talk to your grandfather?” “Good
advice jars on the ear.” He took off his jacket and draped it on the back of the chair. “How did Grandma
stand your stubborn temper back then?”

Titus smacked his lips and turned his face away. “You’re just like your father, you long-winded b*stard.”

“Dad and I have run out of ideas on how we can convince you into doing anything.” Nolan took out his

Seeing that he was holding his phone in his hand, Titus was startled. “What are you doing?”

Nolan took a glance at Titus and put the phone against his ear. “Grandma, there’s a stubborn old man
here who has

hypertension. He even scolded your son and me when we tried to persuade him to do something about

“You!” Titus choked on his own words as he glared at Nolan.

Nolan then ended the call. “I believe that Grandma is the one who can get you to do anything that you
should do.”

Maisie wanted to laugh for some reason. ‘Nolan’s trick is quite effective.’ Meanwhile…

Anthony drank with the owners of other companies at Bassburgh’s wine reception. Those people
congratulated him when they learned that he was collaborating with Yorrick on the project.

All Anthony did was smile and say nothing.

12:16 i

Lilapter Too

When Yorrick appeared at the reception, most of the attendees shifted their attention to him. After all,
he was the son of the richest tycoons in Yaramoor, the only child of the Hathways, and he was still


Several senior directors in the industry approached Yorrick with wine glasses, wanting to propose a
toast. Yorrick picked up a drink from the bartender’s tray and drank with them. Some of the directors
who had daughters would naturally not let this golden opportunity slip and introduced their daughters to

And it was difficult for all those young ladies not to be moved when they saw the richest man in

Skimming through the whole country, Mr. Goldmann was married and even had three children. The
actor, Helios, and the young heir of the Lucases were married too. All these men who had good looks,
better family backgrounds, and outstanding talents were all no longer single, so Yorrick was their best
bet now.

Not only was Yorrick the richest man in Yaramoor, but he also looked handsome due to the profound
facial features that he inherited genetically because of his mixed parentage. The main point was that he
was the only son, thus the heir of the Hathways. As such, it was only natural for those ladies to shortlist
him as the best of the best.

Yorrick glanced at all the women, shook his wine glass lightly, and gave off a polite smile. “I’m sorry, but
I’ m not planning to get married for the time being.” Those ladies could not help but feel a little
downcast, while their fathers felt slightly embarrassed.

‘He’s not even considering my daughter.

We’re clearly being looked down upon!’

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