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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1075

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Chapter 1075

Xyla’s assistant was stumped.

“Then, let’s issue a warning letter,

“Calm down, Mindy. Just let him be,” Xyla said. She picked up a cup of fruit tea and took a sip. “There
will be someone who’ll take care of him for us.”

Since someone wanted to become her hero, she might as well give him a chance.

Mindy was stunned. She did not know if she should believe in Xyla or not. After Xyla finished her fruit
tea, she let out a burp. She then looked at Mindy and said, “Go buy another fruit tea for me. I want it to
be cold. Then, put it in the car. The weather is awfully hot.”

Just when Mindy went to do Xyla’s

bidding, several actresses beside the female lead actor turned their heads around and cast their gazes
on Xyla.

Xyla was wearing a pair of sunglasses. She put the script under her head, and she was taking a nap.
She did not rehearse with the female lead actors. One of the actresses couldn’t hold herself back
anymore and said, “We can let it pass at the fact that she joined the movie with investment, but how
could she be so arrogant after being praised by the director a few times?”

“That’s right. Even if she is an international model and started out in the modeling industry, she’s still a
newcomer in the entertainment industry, isn’t she? If it hadn’t been for her father, would she have so
many good resources?” When Marione, the female lead, heard what they were talking about, she
stopped them and said figuratively, “Alright, alright. Stop it. We’re all in the same crew, and it won’t
bring us any good if we make a big deal out of it.”

“Marione, you’re too kind.”

“Yeah. Xyla doesn’t look like a good woman at all. After all, look at her face. I can see nothing but
viciousness in it.” An actress raised her voice and said, “While receiving the gifts and enjoying Nathan’s
courting, she said that he was not worthy of her. If it were not for her father, she wouldn’t even be able
to join this crew.”

Xyla took her sunglasses down and sat up.’ What did you say?”

The actress refused to back down despite the fact that the people around her were asking her to stop.

“Did I say anything wrong? We can still

find the post on Google Trends. We’re not blind. Didn’t you accept a gift from Nathan some time ago?
And now you’ve already kicked him away?”

Xyla got up and walked toward them.

The actress took a step back subconsciously. “We’re in the shooting booth right now, 50—”

“I’m talking about the things you said in the front, not those at the back,” Xyla interrupted flatly. She
crossed her arms in front of her chest and continued. “You want a rehearsal, right?”

She turned around to look at Marione and continued. “I’ve read through all the script I can play against
you without referring to it.”

Marione’s expression froze, but she soon came around to her senses and said,“

Alright, then.”

That actress was dumbfounded. “I said so many bad things about her, but she’s only thinking about the

When Xyla was playing against Marione, everyone was stunned at how good her memory was. She did
not even need to refer to the script, as she had managed to memorize every line.

It was as if she was Lily herself. The people at the scene were so absorbed in her performance that
they had forgotten about Xyla’s news on Google Trends.

The female lead, Winnie, that Marione played pated in comparison to Xyla’s Lily.

After all, the character setting of Winnie in the original story was simple. She just needed to be kind,
innocent, and remain true to her heart.

“Xyla, that was a really good performance,” the director said.

He liked her even more. Initially, he thought she would have a hard time performing since this was the
first time she acted in a movie. He did not expect that she would perform so well.

Marione, freshening up her makeup, felt a bit uncomfortable when she heard the director praising Xyla
for her performance.

After all, she was the female lead, and she should be the one they should be taking care of. Even if she
was not an A-list celebrity, she was very close to becoming one, while Xyla was just a C-list newcomer!
“Oh my, the situation on Google Trends has changed again.”

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