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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1076

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Chapter 1076

“What? Let me take a look.”

Several extras in the crew scrolled through Google Trends and ran into two huge pieces of news. Sure
enough, the scheme backfired not long after the new article came out.

#Nathan Hayes Slept With His Fans #

#Nathan Hayes Used Xyla Mayweather as His Stepping Stone #

These two articles topped the trending chart in a matter of hours, pushing the new articles that talked
about Xyla down the list. Many fans did not believe it at first, thinking that it was part of Xyla’s plan to
whitewash herself by pushing the blame onto somebody else.

However, an unknown netizen uploaded a video, which shocked all of Nathan’s fans.

“My God! Nathan is actually such a person?” “I was a fan before this, and this just ruined my love for
him!” The video showed Nathan hugging some women and kissing two female influencers in the
clubhouse. And his hand was found placed on the body of one of the influencers. As for the source of
the video recording, it seemed like a candid shot of the scene.

But the man in the video was indeed Nathan. And Nathan was found wearing the same suit that he had
been wearing in the video in one of the photos that a reporter had taken when he went to the
clubhouse and published a while back.

Back then, Nathan had come forward and clarified that he was there at a friend’s gathering, and he did
not elaborate much about that statement after that.

The article also revealed that it was not the first time for Nathan, and the two female Internet
influencers were both fans of Nathan. To be exact, they were super fans who had spent substantial
amounts of money to show their support for Nathan on Patreon and Twitch.

Nathan did not only get it on with these two female influencers but also with some other newcomers in
the film industry. He might not dare to make a move on S-and A-tier actresses and celebrities, but the
less popular actresses and Internet influencers were all his targets.

Xyla walked toward the actress, who was in a daze, and refuted, “A word of advice, don’t judge a book
from its cover. But a tiny part of what you said is correct. I do think that Nathan is nowhere near good
enough for me.”

Public opinion regarding Nathan’s actions continued to roll out of control. Although he did come forward
to clarify all his actions and sent out stacks of letters of demand, threatening to sue those who were
trying to slander him, most netizens no longer believed in a word he said.

Most of Nathan’s fans still insisted on believing that their idol had not done such a vicious thing and
chose to believe that the video had been deepfaked.

At least that was what they thought until a female influencer posted a series of screenshots of the chat
history that she shared with Nathan, claiming that Nathan had cheated on her. She mentioned that she
initially wanted to expose Nathan, but she got banned from the entire Internet influencer circle because
Nathan had done something behind the scene using his status as a celebrity.

She then listed all the sufferings she had to endure because of a bad decision that she had made back
then. She also told the public that she had finally found a medium to expose all of Nathan’s actions now

that this matter was getting out of control on the Internet.

The female influencer’s testimony was like the last nail that crucified Nathan, putting Nathan’s status in
the entertainment industry at risk as more and more netizens joined the crusade against him. That was
how Nathan lost hundreds of thousands of fans overnight.

Still, Nathan’s team was not ready to be outdone. They uploaded the screenshot of an online bank
transfer, claiming that the female influencer cheated, lied, and slandered Nathan for money.

Google Trends was almost fully occupied by news regarding Nathan’s incident, and the comment
section was a literal warzone as netizens stood up for who they believed in.

#It takes two to make such an act viable. Both the man and the woman are filthy and lustful creatures.#

#Tm sure that the girl is doing so because she couldn’t get the payment that she asked for, or else why
did she choose to expose Nathan only when he’s in such deep sh*t?#

#What has the woman done wrongly? The chat history shows that Nathan lied to her, saying that he’ll
love her forever and telling her that she’s his only love in the world. However, the man who made such
promises to the woman has now been exposed, saying that he has a thing for 3P and has been
practicing 3P while he was flirting and courting the woman. If this isn’t a lie, can anyone in the comment
section please give me the correct definition of the word “lie”? So, is there anyone else who would like
to fight for their idol?#

#Who knows if the chat history is fake? Everything can be photoshopped these days, so what makes
you think the screenshots are genuine?

Inside the car…

Xyla was scrolling through her Twitter feed. She did not expect that the rich boy actually had the ability
to get his hands on Nathan’s unknown secrets.

Mindy was also reading all the trending articles on Twitter and Google Trends and felt content. “This
sc*mbag deserves it. I really thought that he was quite a righteous man at first. But I guess I should
never judge a book from its cover.”

She turned her head around and asked Xyla, “Xy, who’s the person who exposed all this news for

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