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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1078

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Chapter 1078

Yorrick pinched the foot of the glass, took a sniff at the aroma of the wine, and smiled.” You’re quite a
wary person, Ms.


“I’m in an enclosed room with another man, so how can I not be a little more cautious?” Xyla changed
her sitting posture casually and placed her legs on the couch. “I still don’t know your name, Mr. Rich
Boy. After all, I have to accompany you and act around you in the coming three months. I have to know
at least what your last name is.

He lifted the glass and glanced at her through the transparent glass. “My last name is Hathaway.”

Xyla was astounded for a short moment.

This last name actually a thing in Zlokova?”

“It seems that you don’t pay attention to the news, Ms. Mayweather.” Yorrick believed she really did not
know his identity.

‘If she were trying to play hard-to-get, it would be impossible for her to put such a question forward.’

“I’m not interested in the news.” Xyla flipped through the contract. “Since I’ve signed the contract, it’s
time for me to take my leave.”

The doorbell rang.

Xyla looked at him. “Are you expecting other guests?”

Yorrick shook the glass lightly. “A person who would come looking for me at this time of the day, who do
you think it’d be?”

Xyla had a hunch, so she got up, walked to the door, and opened it. When Jodie, standing outside the
door, saw her again, her expression changed. “How could it be…”

Xyla held the door with one hand. “Ms.

Smalls, what are you doing here? Are you looking for my honey?”

“Honey?” Jodie’s face turned pale. She looked into the room in disbelief, and Yorrick was sitting on the
couch as if he had just come out of the shower.

She pushed Xyla aside, broke in, and stood in front of Yorrick. “Mr. Hathaway, would you rather accept
her than me?”

Yorrick laughed. “If you have a family background that can go against that of Ms. Mayweather’s, I’ll
definitely consider you.”

Jodie’s family background had always been a sore spot in her life. Everyone looked down on her
because her background was not prominent enough, and her family was poor!

She clenched her fists tightly and bit her lip. “But she’s staying by your side only for your money and
fame!” Xyla walked behind Yorrick, leaned forward, and placed her hands on his shoulders, pretending
to be intimate. “Yes, my honey knows that I like money and just gave me $15,000,000, ain’t that right,

Seeing that she had already gotten into character so quickly, Yorrick took a sip of wine and said, “Yes,
I’ll give you even more as long as you like it.”




Jodie froze in place as her fingernails sank into her palms. “Ms. Mayweather, with the family
background that you have, are you willing to be one of the many lovers that Mr. Hathaway has? He
won’t even give you an official title when you’re with him.

Xyla took a glance at her new manicure and rubbed her nails. “Why would I ask for an official title from
him ? An official title is nothing more than a shackle that locks me in place.”

“But Mr. Hathaway won’t stay in Zlokova for a long time. Aren’t you afraid of being abandoned?” Jodie
could not believe it.

“Xyla has actually fallen to such an extent? What about the pride that she’s been upholding all this

Xyla leaned back into the couch. “It’s okay. I don’t mind that.”

Jodie was not reconciled and glanced at Xyla. “Have you fallen to this extent only because Louis didn’t
choose to marry you?”

Xyla’s expression dimmed slightly when Louis’ name was mentioned. Thus, Jodie continued to provoke
her . “You love Louis so much, so you probably wouldn’t be able to get over him so quickly, right? You
had been chasing after him for six years.

Ryleigh wouldn’t even stand a chance if you hadn’t gone abroad to develop your career!”

Xyla stood up and walked toward Jodie, who subconsciously backed away. “I-I’m not wrong, am I?”

“No, you’re really wrong.” She poked her finger at her shoulder. “I’m Xyla Mayweather. Do you know
how many men would queue in front of this hotel just to get the chance to spend 5 minutes with me?
So, why should I abstain from anything only because of a married ex? Humans change. The man that
I’m currently going out with is Mr. Hathaway, so I guess there goes your chance? Now know your place,
go home, take a bath, and go to bed.

Everything is possible in your dreams.”

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