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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1077

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Chapter 1077

‘It turns out that what she said is true.” Someone will resolve this matter on our behalf”!’

Xyla turned off the screen of her phone and looked out the car window. “That rich boy.” ‘That rich boy?’

Mindy racked her brains and was flustered all of a sudden. “Is he the new investor in our film?”

Xyla fiddled with the earrings. “Who else could it be apart from him?”

Mindy frowned, “The rich boy is a foreigner, isn’t he? Does he have any ulterior motive? Or has he
taken a

fancy to you?”

After what had happened with Nathan,

Mindy did not dare to match Xyla up with anyone else. She had even started to think about being more

Xyla smiled. “We’ve only made a deal with each other.” As soon as she finished speaking, her cell
phone rang. She answered the call after seeing that the caller ID that was blinking on the screen of her
phone was “Rich Boy”.

“What do you plan to do this time around? Are you planning to buy me dinner again?” Yorrick chuckled.
“Ms. Mayweather, have you forgotten our current relationship?”

“I didn’t forget.” Xyla glanced out the window. “Just give me the address. I just finished filming, and I’ll
need some time to return home to take a shower and change into a fresh set of clothes.”

Xyla came to the hotel suite in the evening, squinted slightly, and stood at the door for a while before
ringing the doorbell.

Yorrick came out and opened the door after a while. He seemed to have just taken a bath and was only
wearing a bathrobe. The slightly messy hair was still wet and had not been dried.

He leaned against the door and took a glance at Xyla. She was wearing green casual clothes, a cap,
and no makeup.

He squinted slightly. “What impeccable timing.”

“Then should I wait for you to finish changing?” Xyla did not plan to go in either.

He turned sideways. “There’s no need for that.”

Xyla stepped forward and walked in.

‘He’s actually living in the hotel’s presidential suite, which costs $10,000 per night.’

Xyla sat on the couch by herself. “Aren’t we going out to eat?”

Yorrick sat opposite her and threw the towel aside. “I didn’t tell you that I wanted to eat, did I?”

Xyla laughed out of anger. “If we’re not going out for dinner, then what am I doing here?”

Yorrick raised his eyebrows and smiled.” Take a guess.”

Xyla leaned back. “If I’m not mistaken, the terms of our deal don’t include anything other than having
meals together.”

Seeing her solemn expression, Yorrick could not help but laugh out loud. “What’s the idea that you
have in mind now?” He then took a contract out of the folder on the table and placed it in front of her. “I
asked you to come here to sign this contract and get yourself familiarized with our relationship.”

Xyla breathed a sigh of relief. She picked up the contract and skimmed through it.

‘The contract will stay relevant over the next three months, and we’ll break up after three months. We’ll
then go back to how things were before this after that, and he’ll pay me three months’ worth of fee.’

She counted the zeros behind the amount she would get after the completion of the contract, and she
was dumbfounded. “$ 15,000,000?”

Yorrick crossed his legs. “I’ve never been stingy with women who I think are worth the money.” Xyla
sneered inwardly when she heard this. ‘It turns out that he’s just another sc*mbag but one sitting on top
of the sc*mbag pyramid, unlike Nathan, who will go for any woman he can get his hands on.’ Yorrick
looked at her. “If you are satisfied with the terms, you can leave your signature at the bottom left of the

Xyla picked up the pen and signed it without hesitation. “Since you can come up with $15,000,000
casually, you’re indeed the son of some filthy rich family, aren’t you?”

Yorrick walked to the cupboard and took out a bottle of Burlenberg. “Did I once tell you that I’m the son
of some rich family?” Xyla choked on her reply. ‘He actually didn’t.’ “Then you must be some local
tycoon or rich redneck.” He put the wine glass on the table. “Do I look like a local tycoon or a redneck
to you?”

She leaned against the back of the couch and propped the side of her forehead against the palm of her
hand. “You’re dumb and filthy rich. Aren’t those the two main characteristics of all local tycoons and rich

Yorrick poured the wine into the glass, and his charming and handsome face was instantly reflected on
the glass’ side. “This is my first time hearing someone call me that. This sounds very refreshing.”

He then put down the red wine. “Do you want a drink?” “No, I don’t drink at night.” She would never
drink at a stranger’s place.

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