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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1080

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Chapter 1080

Unexpectedly, an accident happened. The dagger that was originally a prop stabbed right into Xyla’s
right chest.

The male lead was astonished, and his mind went blank instantly. “This…”

Xyla lowered her head and took a glance at the wound, and a vague sense of pain originated from the
stab. ‘What the f*ck!? The dagger turns out to be the real deal!?’

The director and the extras on the side did not notice anything out of the ordinary and did not stop the

The male lead was about to draw out the dagger and yell to the director for help, but that was when
Xyla grabbed the blade suddenly, gnashed her teeth, and uttered her line in difficulty, “Moses Miller,
you actually have the balls to hurt me. You still ended up hurting me for that sl*t!”

The male lead’s hands trembled a little. “Unbelievable! She persevered after such an accident took

Seeing that she had moved on with her line, the male lead could only bite the bullet and continue. “Yes,
if you dare to… If you…”

“Cut!” The director stopped filming when he saw the male lead’s pale expression.” Howard, what’s the
matter with you?”

Xyla took two steps backward, and Mindy went up to her to support her and shove a blood bag
underneath Xyla’s clothes.

However, she was shocked when she took a closer look at Xyla. “Sir! The prop is real! Xyla has been
stabbed!” “What!?” The director shot up from his chair immediately.

The director and a few staff members surrounded them in a matter of seconds. He picked up the
dagger, and his expression changed instantly. “Who’s the one who handed this prop to Howard!? Get
someone from the props team here! Who will be held accountable for this incident if something goes

Mindy tried to stop the bleeding for Xyla as she cried out loud, “Call an ambulance! There’s so much
blood!” Xyla’s complexion turned extremely pale because of the profuse bleeding from the wound. She
leaned against Mindy’s arms. “I … I want to fall asleep so badly… Wake me up when we’re at the

“Xy, don’t sleep!”

Soon, the ambulance arrived at the scene. Everyone on the crew had their work suspended, and all the
extras and other actors who were at the scene, standing by on the side, looked as if they were shocked
and petrified.

“Oh my God! Xyla is really giving this film everything she’s got. A real dagger stabbed her, yet she
insisted on finishing her lines.”

“Yeah, I would have fainted on the spot.”

The actresses standing by the side felt so embarrassed when they saw Xyla being carried onto the

ambulance on a stretcher.

Not to mention the extras, even they could not do what Xyla had done themselves.

Marione felt even more upset when she heard the appreciation that the people around her had for Xyla
because of this incident.

‘She’s a model who didn’t even take acting classes professionally, as well as the daughter of the
director of Royal Crown. However, she works even harder than any S-list actor or actress that I know.
It’s no wonder the director appreciates her so much.’

The man hiding in the shadows wearing a mask saw the chaotic scene and left in a hurry.

At the hospital…

Xyla had been unconscious for a long time, but when she slowly opened her eyes and regained
consciousness, she was already lying in the ward.

She wanted to move, but her chest hurt so badly that she could not help but hiss.

The man sitting in the chair closed the magazine in his hand, and a deep voice sounded. “You’ve
woken up. I thought our contract would end before it even started.”

The voice caught Xyla off guard. She turned her head to the side and stared at Yorrick. She did not
expect that he would be there, but she soon returned to her senses. “I haven’t gotten my $15,000,000.
How can I let myself die?”

Yorrick placed the magazine on the bedside table. “Are you that poor? You’re Mr. Mayweather’s

She chuckled. “I’m not poor at all, but there’s no reason for me to say no to extra cash, right?”

Yorrick laughed.

‘She might be the only person in this world that would say that straight to my face.’ “Xy.” Mindy came
into the ward at this moment. She was relieved to see her awake, “Thank God, you’re finally fine.”

Yorrick stood up. “You should take a good rest first.”

After Yorrick left, Mindy walked up to the bed, took a glance at the door, and whispered, “Are you dating
our new investor?”

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