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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1088

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Chapter 1088

Yorrick didn’t want to get in trouble.

Xyla thought about it and nodded. “Deal.” After a month, it’d be over, so why would she say no?

But after a few days, Xyla didn’t see Yorrick, and he didn’t contact her either.

Xyla remained in the hospital for a week and left when her stitches were removed. Mindy came to pick
her up. “Your rich boyfriend didn’t come to pick you up?” “What rich boyfriend?” Xyla put on her
sunglasses, picked up her bag, and walked out of her hospital. Mindy held up the umbrella for her.
“Don’t you know who your rich boyfriend really is?”

She got into the car. “Who is he?” “He’s the heir of the Hathaways from Yaramoor, the richest family in
the world. He’s at Zlokova to discuss his project with Eastwood Enterprise, and when the director found
out who he was, he was overjoyed. With Mr. Hathaway investing in his production, the A-listers are
trying to work with him for his next film.”

Mindy chatted away and didn’t notice Xyla’s expression.

The Hathaways from Yaramoor?

She had heard about them when she was modeling in Stoslo, but the rich Yorrick Hathaway she heard
about was a mature man in his late 30s. He was almost 40!

But this Yorrick Hathaway that he knew looked at most 29 or 30. Was he actually older than Nolan?

She had even called him a boy-that was a mistake.

Xyla went straight to the set from the hospital. When the director saw her, he was surprised. “Xyla, why
not take a few more days off?”

“My stitches were removed, and my wound is almost fully healed. I won’t want to delay the production.”

Seeing how Xyla didn’t take half a month off like the A-listers and even wanted to make sure everything
was on schedule, the director started appreciating her.

When Mr. Mayweather insisted that she join the cast, the director had afraid she would be one of those
rich girls who couldn’t handle stress. Surprisingly, she turned out pretty strong, especially about the
incident with the prop.

He said in an attentive tone, “If you insist on continuing filming, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Tell us if
you feel uncomfortable.”

Xyla nodded. “I will.”

Xyla got her hair and makeup done in the makeup room. She was acting as a queen now, so her
makeup was more elegant and luxurious.

She took a look at her phone and didn’t really know what she was expecting to see, then put her phone
back in her bag.

After the two scenes were filmed in the morning, Xyla finally took off her heavy robes and just had her
undergown on.

Mindy rubbed her shoulders, and when she said she was thirsty, someone handed her a drink when
Mindy was going to pick it up from the table.

Xyla was surprised and turned to see who had brought her the water. It was the lead actor, Howard

Howard was one of the biggest stars of Zestar Media, a professional with period pieces, and started
becoming famous in the past few years..

Xyla took the water from him. “Thank you, Mr. Lindholm.”

Xyla was a newbie in this industry, so she wanted to address him formally.

Howard smiled. “They said that you’re a model and hadn’t acted before, but I think your acting is quite

Xyla opened the bottle. “Really? My dad was a famous actor in his time. I learned from him.” She took
a sip

Howard looked at her. “I watched your

father’s movies when I was a kid. Everyone knows him.”

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