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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1089

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Chapter 1089

Xyla smiled. “He just left the industry too soon.”

Nathasha Knowles hadn’t been acting yet when her father was acting, and Royal Crown had had a
different owner.

After Nathasha started acting, her father quit and went behind the scenes. He then bought Royal
Crown Entertainment with Nolan’s father, Nicholas. Some executives had left with the previous owner,
but her father stayed. He sat in his current position and was mentored by Nicholas. After Nathasha
married Nicholas, the latter gave all his Royal Crown shares to her father.

That was why Royal Crown was part of the Blackgold Group, but the director was her father.

Howard and Xyla chatted. They were talking about something, and Xyla burst out laughing.

Yorrick came on set with his bodyguards, who were carrying two bags of items. The director saw him
and stood up. “Mr.

Hathaway, you’re here.”

Yorrick got the bodyguards to put down the drinks they were carrying. “The weather is hot, so I brought
something for the crew to cool down.”

The director was surprised and smiled.” Thank you for this. You shouldn’t have.” He then asked the
assistant to hand them out.

Yorrick turned and looked toward Xyla, who was sitting very close to the male lead. They were both
holding their phones, seemingly exchanging numbers.

Xyla stretched out her hand and touched his screen, her face so close to his that they would kiss if she
turned her head.

Mindy saw something and nudged Xyla, but she didn’t notice it.

“Xy…” Mindy patted her, looking a little awkward.

Xyla pushed her hand away without looking up. “Hold on, I’m not done yet.”

She finally looked up when a shadow blocked their source of light. The light was behind Yorrick, so his
face was dark.

Xyla sat up straight. “Why are you here?’

Howard had heard the rumor about Xyla and this investor from the crew. He stood up, nodded, and
smiled at Yorrick before saying to Xyla, “Let’s text.”

Xyla nodded.

Yorrick crossed his arms, looked coldly at Howard, and smiled. “Ms. Mayweather is so popular.”

Xyla twirled her phone, put it back in her bag, and pushed her hair back. “I can’t help it. My wild charm
is just so alluring to men.”

Yorrick looked her up and down and laughed. “Your charm only attracts *ssh^les.”

Xyla’s face dropped. Still, she smiled in the next second. “Doesn’t that mean you’re an * ssh*le too? Oh
wait , you’re not an *ssh*le, you’re a player.”

Yorrick looked at her. “If I’m a player, then what are you?”

“Compared to you, from the world’s richest family and player of countless women, I’m just a little fish in
a small pond.” Xyla smiled.

Yorrick buttoned up his suit and looked around casually. “That’s why all the men around you are just…

Xyla stood up, crossed her arms, and stared at him. “Common? If I were as rich as you, my men would
circle the globe, and I’d be able to have my pick of the high-quality ones.”

Yorrick nodded. “You have to be rich before that happens.”

Xyla choked, but she soon laughed. “I haven’t seen you in a few days, and you came here just to tease
me?” Yorrick frowned and didn’t say anything.

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