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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1087

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Chapter 1087

Jodie didn’t think that Yorrick would expose her in front of the crowd. Her face slowly turned pale. “Mr.
Hathaway, how could you-‘

“Oh right, I remember you now. The famous socialite from Yaramoor’s Club, the girl who went overseas
with the money of rich men while using three or four more rich men’s money for her living expenses.
The girl who was kicked aside because she caught an STD and was fired from the Royal Academy of
Music. Am I your next target now that you’re out of ideas?”

Xyla couldn’t help but laugh. She stopped, however, when Yorrick glared at her. The chatter worsened.
Jodie had brought this shame onto herself, and her face was

pale when she fell to the floor.

Why would he know all these? That was impossible! “Doctor, we should send the woman with STD to
the gynecologist so that it doesn’t spread.” Yorrick waved his arm, and the two bodyguards moved
forward to grab her.

Jodie struggled to get free. “I don’t have that. That’s slander! l… I don’t want to go to the gynecologist. I
don ‘t want to take tests!”

Jodie wouldn’t go because she would be humiliated for life once she got the results!

Yorrick calmly said, “To the psych ward then. If you’re really mentally unstable, you might hurt someone
Send her to the psych ward.”

Jodie was utterly stunned when the bodyguards took her away.

The onlookers dispersed. Only the two of them were left in the room. Yorrick rubbed his nose. “I guess
I’ve overestimated you. You can’t even handle a woman.”

Xyla scoffed. “Yes, I couldn’t handle her, but why did she do this? That was crazier than being an
obsessed fan. I didn’t know that she was so crazy about you. You should just be kind and take her in.”

She sat on her bed and touched her wound, which hurt immensely because of the shove. She pulled
down her gown.

Yorrick looked away. “Have you forgotten that I’m here?” Xyla paused and looked at him. “Oh, I thought
you were open-minded. Why didn’t you say that?” She was just checking her wound and didn’t remove
her clothes. She remembered something and looked at Yorrick, who was looking away, then smiled.
“I’m sure you’ve been with countless women, so you probably have seen all kinds of them. Why are
you bashful?” .

Yorrick was rendered speechless.

Xyla tested him by pulling her collar down to her shoulder so that half her snowy shoulder and the
gauze on her chest showed.

Yorrick never looked back.

She laughed. “You’re such a gentleman. That’s very rare.”

Yorrick took a deep breath and gnashed his teeth before chuckling. “Your body isn’t worth my

“You didn’t even look. How would you know that I’m worth your attention? I’m a 32C and have worked
as a lingerie model. They’re not small.” Xyla squeezed her boobs.

Yorrick turned over at that moment, saw that, and froze for a few seconds. He covered his face with his
hand and looked through gaps between his fingers and called her full name for the first time, “Xyla

“Aye?” Xyla looked up.

“We should talk about the contract again.” He turned to look at Xyla’s candid and cheerful face.

She paused. “What is there to talk about for the contract?” That was the first time she saw him with a
serious expression.

Yorrick showed one finger. “We’ll shorten it to a month, but the price remains.”

He probably wouldn’t be able to handle this woman for three months.



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