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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1093

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Chapter 1093

Maisie picked up the contract from the ground, kicked off her stilettos without any regard for her image,
and chased after the man while shouting, “Stop running! He’s a thief!”

The man was swerving about recklessly at the front while Maisie was chasing him from the back. Just
when the man turned around to taunt Maisie, he was kicked to the ground by the woman who rushed
over to Maisie.

The woman stepped forward and picked up the purse. Enraged, the man got up from the ground and
pulled out a knife to stab the woman. The woman evaded his attack and twisted his wrist. The knife
dropped to the ground, and she hurriedly followed up with a punch to his face. As the man fell to the
ground in pain, the woman pinned him down and called the police.

It was only then Maisie arrived. As she huffed and puffed heavily, she took over the bag the woman
handed to her. “Thank you.”

When she lifted her head, she was stunned. She felt the woman in front of her was familiar. Suddenly,
Maisie remembered something and shouted out in shock,” Aren’t you Logan?”

Logan turned around when she heard Maisie calling her name. She was equally stunned when she
saw Maisie. “Maisie?”

The police arrived and took the thief into the police car. Logan and Maisie stayed at the scene to give
their statements to the police.

After the police were gone, Maisie looked at Logan and said, “Thank you for your help. It’s good that I
ran into you.

Otherwise, I would’ve lost my ID.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Why don’t I buy you a meal since we haven’t seen each other for four years and since you helped me
today ?” Maisie offered her a meal.

Logan hesitated for a while before agreeing in the end.

Maisie thought of something and lowered her head to look at her bare feet. She gave Logan an
embarrassed smile and said, “I guess I need to get a new pair of shoes.”

Logan followed her to buy a pair of new shoes. Then, they went to a restaurant together. After parting
ways from the training camp four years ago, they thought they would not see each other again.

Logan was working as a bodyguard in Stoslo. Her employer was a wealthy person, but she had just
resigned several days ago and was looking for a new job.

“What kind of job are you looking for?” Maisie asked.

Logan thought for a moment before replying, “I’m not sure about that either. I guess I’ll take anything
that’s offered to me.”

The waiter brought up the pastry, and while the two were eating, Logan suddenly said, “Raven is in
Stoslo as well. Are you not going to meet up with her?”

Maisie was stunned. She remembered Francisco had told her that Raven had gotten into the
headquarters. She lowered her head and smiled. “Well, we’ll meet when we meet.”

Logan looked at her and said, “I thought you guys were friends back in the training camp? Is it because



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Maisie chuckled. “It’s all in the past. As long as she’s doing well, it’s all good.”

“She’s going to get married.” Maisie was stunned. “Raven?”

Logan nodded. She told Maisie that after Raven left the headquarters, she started a relationship with
the painter that chased after her. Both of them had gotten engaged.

Maisie looked outside through the window and smiled. “That’s great then.”

When they finished their meal, Maisie thought of something and said to Logan. “If you haven’t found a
job, why don’t you work for the de Arma family?”.

Logan was dumbfounded for a while. She looked at Maisie and replied, “Let’s wait until I can’t find a
satisfactory job.”

After that, she waved her hand at Maisie and turned around to leave.

Maisie looked at Logan’s figure, which was slowly disappearing from her vision. It seemed to Maisie
that Logan hadn’t changed even in the slightest bit.

Half a month later, at Bassburgh…

Other than filming, Xyla would spend the rest of her time with the rest of the crew while Yorrick had not
appeared since then.

“I thought Xyla was having a relationship with that rich guy from Yaramoor? It’s been a long time since I
saw him come here.”

“He’s the richest man. I heard that he has countless women. I guess he was just flirting with her.
There’s no way a guy like him would start a real relationship with her.”

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