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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1100

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Chapter 1100

Louis was momentarily stunned. He then nodded and grabbed Ryleigh’s hand. “Okay, we’ll travel to
Stoslo to visit Grandpa in the short future.”

Ryleigh approached him and asked in a low voice, “Is your grandfather fierce?”

Louis smiled and put on his serious look in an instant. “He’ll definitely give you h*ll if you’re a


“Tsk! How dare you scare your own wife?” Larissa clicked her tongue and comforted Ryleigh after
saying that. “Don’t worry. His grandfather won’t give you any h*ll. Louis would be the one to suffer his
wrath even if something were to go terribly wrong.”

Ryleigh smiled and nodded.

It was already very late in the night when Xyla returned home from the hospital. She went back to her
room, lay on the bed, and stared at the ceiling.

The scene in which Yorrick kissed her flashed across her mind as if it was a roll film.

“He’s really good at kissing, so good that I still can’t get my mind off it.

Tsk, he’s definitely a player.’

She sat up irritably, and her gaze landed on the violin figure that was placed on the counter. She had
ordered the violin figure back then because of Louis, and she had placed it on the bedside cupboard
and had not been able to make up her mind to move it.

She stared at it for a while, picked it up, and put it away in the drawer.

A few days later, Xyla came to the studio and was surrounded by reporters in front of the car. She wore
sunglasses and a cap and lowered her head while Mindy blocked the cameras for her.

“Xyla, can we ask you about your relationship with Mr. Hathaway from Yaramoor?”

“We heard that you and Mr. Hathaway from Yaramoor are dating in the studio unscrupulously. Is that
true?” All kinds of questions were thrown at Xyla. The path to the studio had been blocked, and she
had no other way to go, so she took off her sunglasses and smiled at the reporters. “There’s no such
thing. Mr.

Hathaway and I can only be considered relatively close friends. We’re not dating each other, so please
don’ toverthink and overcomplicate things.”

“But someone took a photo of you leaving the dressing room with Mr. Hathaway. Can you please tell us
what the both of you were doing in the dressing room at that time?”

The question touched on a sensitive and personal affair, but it was still brought up in public

Mindy was about to respond on her behalf when Xyla looked straight at the reporter.” I passed out in
the dressing room due to a fever, and Mr. Hathaway was the one who found me first. Do you need me
to put forward my diagnosis from that day?”

The reporter choked on his own words.

But another reporter did not give up on getting to the bottom of the affair. “But someone also took a
photo of you and Mr. Hathaway leaving a hotel together, and you two look very intimate in the photo.”

Xyla paused for a split second. ‘It was during the day when I got drunk…’ Mindy replied to the reporter,
“Xyla got very drunk that day. That was why Mr. Hathaway helped her into the car and sent her back
out of kindness. Even so, what does that imply? Xyla is in a rush to start the filming of the day, so
please let us through. Thank you very much.”

Mindy fought her way through the reporters in front of them and dragged Xyla out of the crowd. The two
then ran back to the set, and that was how they got rid of those reporters.

On the other side of the city…

Eastwood Enterprise had just adjourned a meeting. That was also when Anthony, two other senior
executives, and Yorrick came out of the conference room.

Anthony asked Yorrick, “Mr. Hathaway, you seem to be rather absent-minded about the questions we
raised during the meeting. Is there something wrong about the project that bothers you?”

Yorrick gave off a smile, but his expression returned to normal almost instantly. “No, it’s just that I’ve
been having a lot on my plate recently. I believe that you’re more than equipped and qualified to
manage the project, Mr. Topaz.”

Anthony nodded and did not bother him with any more questions. “Now that I know you have so much
trust in me, it’s only natural for me to want to live up to your expectations, Mr. Hathaway.”

“Do you drink?” Yorrick asked abruptly.

The question caught Anthony off guard for a moment. “Drink?”

Yorrick let off a casual grin. “Oh, it’s just that I haven’t been able to find someone to drink with recently,
and you most probably don’t have time either.”

Anthony understood what he meant. “If you want someone to accompany you while you drink, I can
have a few drinks with you, Mr. Hathaway.”

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