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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1097

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Chapter 1097

Xyla placed her fingertips on his lips and slowly slid her finger down before approaching him with her
lips.” Mr. Hathaway, didn’t you say that I can’t do kissing scenes? If that’s so, can you teach me how to
do it properly?”

Yorrick held her hand, and his Adam’s apple rolled as he gulped. “Get off my bed.’

“Mr. Hathaway, are you telling me you don’t want it?” Xyla approached him and kissed his chin lightly.
Her winking eyes looked extremely seductive, and the silky and attractive black hair wrapped around
his arm.

Yorrick turned over and trapped her under him in between his four limbs. “I won’t hold myself
responsible for the night.” Xyla raised her eyebrows, giggled, stretched out her arms, and hugged him.
“I won’t need that from you either.”

He lowered his head and kissed her lips, and strong thoughts flooded his mind in an instant. He wanted
to gravely punish her, letting her know that this was the price that she had to pay for seducing him.

Their bodies intertwined and entangled with each other as every inch of her beauty was in sight, while
her trembles, gasps, and voice, which rang right next to his ears, all felt so real.

Unfortunately, the sound of the alarm clock woke him up. He froze on the bed for a few seconds,
flipped the blanket, turned over, and got out of bed. He opened the bedroom door and shouted, “Xyla

The living area was empty, the unfinished cup of coffee was still on the table, and the blankets were still

He got into the guest room and pushed open the door. There was no trace of anyone sleeping in the
guest room or living room last night.

He leaned against the door and covered his face with his palm.

‘It was really a dream.

‘But this dream…

‘It felt so real that it almost killed me!’

Xyla had left at dawn and asked Mindy to bring her clothes over and pick her up from the hotel.

Mindy was driving the car when she took a glance at the person who was sitting in the rear seat,
frowning. “Xy, you… Last night…” “I drank too much.” Xyla was extremely irritated.

“What matters isn’t whether you drank too much. It’s that room… Isn’t that Mr.

Hathaway’s room? Did you-*

“What’s the dirty thought that you have in your mind?” She raised her head, leaned back in the seat,
and looked up at the roof of the car. “I slept in the living room last night.”

I didn’t wake Yorrick up when I left earlier this morning. After all, I’m completely sober now. But I’m not
shameless enough to take the initiative to go meet him again after what I did last night!

‘Moreover, he might not even want to see me now.’

She really wanted to slap herself at the moment.

‘He already said that the contract was over, and I’ve managed to make it seem like I’m still trying to get
involved with him.

‘I kept pestering Louis back then, but I would never pester any man again, especially a man who has
nothing to do with me.’

When they arrived at the studio, Xyla went into the dressing room for makeup and just so happened to
meet Howard, who was putting his wig on at the moment.

He turned and glanced at Xyla, who looked listless. “Are you okay?” Xyla nodded and smiled. “I’m fine,
I drank too much last night, it’s just a hangover.” “This is tea with lemon slices soaked in it. I brought it
over this morning.” Howard shifted a thermos before her “Thank you, Mr. Lindholm.” She was stunned
for a short moment. She then asked Mindy to go get her a disposable paper cup, poured half of a cup
for herself, lifted her head, and finished it in one go.

Howard had finished putting on his wig and asked with a smile, “Did Mr. Hathaway send you home
safely last night?”

She paused for a split second, looked at Mindy in the mirror, and nodded. “Yes, he did send me
home… And I did arrive safely.”

“Glad to hear that.” He stood up. “I’m going to change into my clothes already.” Xyla smiled and

She leaned against Mindy. “Were you followed by any paparazzo when you came to pick me up this

Mindy lowered her voice. “It’s six o’clock in the morning, even the paparazzi need their daily dose of
sleep, don’t they?”

Xyla did not speak.

The scene they were shooting at noon was Lily LeBlanc dancing in the pool to charm and seduce the
king because she wanted to take revenge on Alvin Stokes, and she had to bewitch the king to do so.

The person who played the king was a very experienced senior in the film industry, and all his fans call
him Mr. Donnell. He had played many roles in film and television, which all could be regarded as
classic characters that had ever graced the industry, and his acting skills were even known to be

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