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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1108

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Chapter 1108

The man slapped her across the face to stop her from struggling. “Stop crying. I won’t give you a good
time if you can’t give me what I want!” “Please. I beg you… Let me go. I… I can give you money.”
Naomi sobbed. Her voice was shaking, her blood had turned cold, and her face was ashen pale.

“You can give us money?” The man licked his lips. “How much can you give us?”

Naomi was constantly trembling, and tears were rolling down her eyes. “How much do you want?”

The man laughed lecherously as he replied, “We don’t want money right now. We just want to… have
some fun with you.”

“No! Stay away from me!” Naomi turned her head around and sobbed.

At the same time, the masked woman came in with a camera. Jodie was following behind her. “Calm
down, you guys. Have you never seen a woman before? I haven’t finished with my preparations yet.”

“Huh? Are we going to do a live streaming? That’s sick.” The man was excited when he saw the
camera in her hand. The masked woman came over and looked at Naomi, whose clothes were torn
and face was filled with fear. “She’s the daughter of the owner of Eastwood Enterprise. Of course, we
have to record it down.”

Naomi was stunned. Her pale face turned even bloodless.

‘She knows who I am?”

The few men hesitated, and their leader stood up. “Are you kidding me? She’s the daughter of the
owner of Eastwood Enterprise? Do you want to get us all killed!?”

Although they had a history of rape and had been in prison for several years, they only dared to lay
hands on those working girls who did not have a background after they were released from prison.
After all, those girls did not want to lose their reputation and were worried about getting revenge from
them, so they wouldn’t have the nerve to report to the police.

However, things were different when it came to the daughter of the owner of a big company. If her
father decided to get to the bottom of this matter, they would end up more than sitting in prison for a
few years.

The masked woman glanced at them and said, “What are you guys worried about? If something goes
sideways, I have ways to divert all the blame to Ryleigh.”

Jodie gazed at the woman. It was never in her wildest dream that this woman would be even more
ruthless than herself, and it seemed to her that she really hated Ryleigh to her core.

Naomi trembled and looked at the woman again. She pushed the man beside her aside and struggled
to stand on her feet. ” Who the hill are you!?” she shouted.

When the woman took off her mask, Naomi’s pupils constricted. “You are… Chenney!?”

There was an ugly scar on Chenney’s face. It looked like a piece of flesh had been bitten off from her
face, and the wound was uneven and pitted hideously.

Even the group of men on the scene felt the scar on the woman’s face was terrifying and disgusting.

Jodie covered her mouth in shock. She had never expected that the woman’s face was deformed. Not
only her, but even Naomi found it hard to believe that the woman with the scarred face was none other
than Chenney.

Chenney let out a cold smile and said, “This is all thanks to Ryleigh that I’ve become a disgusting
monster. Anyway, this isn’t the first time I made her my scapegoat.” “Why are you doing this?” Naomi
asked, her voice filled with disbelief. She did not know that Chenney was such a crazy and scary

“It took me long enough to eliminate you two and get accepted into the Royal Music Academy.”
Chenney’s face turned gloomy.” It’ s because of Ryleigh that I was sentenced to one year and three
months in prison, where I was humiliated and tortured, and my face was even turned into this!”

She dashed forward to grab Naomi’s collar and continued. “Can you see this ugly scar? It was caused
by a crazy woman when she bit off a piece of flesh from my face in prison, and all of this torture I
suffered was thanks to her!” Chenney smiled wickedly. “You should blame yourself for being her friend.
What I did in the past, I can still do now. Since I do not have a pleasant life. I won’t let you have one

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