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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1113

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Chapter 1113

Yorrick beckoned her to come over.

Xyla walked over, and he wrapped his arms around her waist in public. “They’re all acquaintances. Do
you want to give it a go?”

Xyla smiled. “Yes.”

Helios turned to look at Louis, turned around, and picked up his wine glass.” Since when did Xyla get
together with Yorrick?”

Louis shook his head and clinked his glass against Helios’. “I’m not sure about that.”

Yorrick handed the cue stick to Xyla and looked at Louis. “Mr. Lucas, I heard that your billiard skills are
up there. Don’t you want to play?”

Louis could not help but think that Yorrick was trying to make fun of him!

Helios seemed to have smelled something fishy and took a glance at both of them He then squinted
and smiled. As a person who had always been indifferent to such gossip, this was the first time he was
that into a piece of gossip.

Xyla knew what Yorrick had in mind.


‘Is he trying to humiliate me by asking my ex-boyfriend, who’s now married, to play a game of billiards
with me?’ “I don’t want to play with Mr. Lucas.”

Louis glanced at Xyla while everyone else looked over and whispered, “Isn’t Xyla Mr. Lucas’ ex-
girlfriend?” “It’s been many years since they broke up, not to mention that Mr. Lucas has gotten married
too. By the way, Xyla has been having a lot of scandals with Mr. Hathaway recently.”

Yorrick narrowed his eyes and looked at Xyla calmly while Xyla rubbed the tip of her cue with billiard
chalk and explained calmly. “He sucks at billiards, so playing with him is a waste of my time. I’ll play
with you, Mr. Hathaway.”

Yorrick chuckled. “Oh, really?”

“Are you telling me that you’re scared, Mr. Hathaway?” Xyla raised her eyebrows, and her domineering
aura could be sensed from yards away.

“Nice.” Yorrick laughed, picked up his cue, and placed a ball on the table. “However, I’ve always liked to
increase the fun by wagering something extra. We’ll play only one game, and the loser will…”

His pause caused Xyla’s heart to skip a beat.

Yorrick motioned for one of the waiters to bring them a bottle of bourbon. He then took the bottle from
him and calmly placed it on the side. “Finish this.”

Everyone around was shocked. Many of them knew that Xyla would definitely lose to Yorrick.

‘Is Yorrick trying just to embarrass her? Xyla and Yorrick’s scandal has been spreading like wildfire all
over the Internet recently. and it’s said that they’re in a relationship. But looking at them now, what
makes them look like they’re in a relationship? This looks more like Xyla has offended Yorrick, and
Yorrick is trying to make her look bad in public.’

Louis felt that Yorrick was going too far and was about to say something, but Helios stopped him. “Let’s
just wait and see what happens.”

Everyone was wondering if Xyla would back down. After all, the wager was to down a whole bottle of
bourbon. Even a great drinker might not be able to handle that.

Xyla agreed.

The smile on Yorrick’s face gradually faded, and his expression went back to how it was before he
brought up the wager. “You’re the one who wants to play with me.”

Xyla did not say anything.

‘He’s making things hard for me on purpose in order to embarrass me in public. What would the others
think of me if I were to back away at this time?

I’ll never admit defeat now.’

She walked to the table with the cue while someone else took all the balls out of the pockets and
arranged them with a triangle rack.

She was the first to serve and managed to pocket two balls in one go. She then pocketed another ball
on her second serve but

missed on her third try.

Yorrick pocketed four balls with only one shot, and everyone at the side was astonished by his sheer
skill. There were still nine balls on the table, eight to be exact after the white cue ball was excluded.

He pocketed two more balls in another service, and he was absolutely on fire.

“Given the current score, Xyla’s defeat is a definite outcome, isn’t it?” “She’s overestimated her
strength. She’s the one who asked for it, isn’t she?”

There were only three balls left on the table, and nobody knew whether Yorrick made a mistake or
handicapped himself to give Xyla a fighting chance, but he did not score during this service.

Xyla pocketed one ball during her next service, and only two balls were left on the table.

Everyone around them watched the match very closely, and they gasped when she scored another
point. Only one ball was left, and it would be the tiebreaker.

It would certainly be a lie if Xyla were to say that she was not nervous at the moment. She made the
serve, and the cue ball came into contact with the last ball, making it roll toward the rail of the table and
bounce off of it. Just as the ball was about to drop into the pocket, the cue ball stopped right in front of
the targeted pocket.

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