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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1117

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Chapter 1117

The leads had an interaction on stage with the fans, and then there was an interview. Xyla, who was
trying to lay low, didn’t say anything the entire time. She yawned once and was captured on camera.

The microphone was suddenly passed to her, and the interviewer asked her to say a few words. She
was surprised but took it calmly. “This was my first movie, and I had a great time working with the crew.
I’d like to thank the director for giving me this chance to perform.”

The reporters might have been trying to create some buzz when they asked her to play the violin on the

Everyone there understood what was going on. Xyla had chased after Louis when she

was still a model, and the reporters there knew that she had learned to play the violin because of him.

Now that they were asking her to play the violin at the event, were they trying to cause a stir?

She didn’t show discomfort but instead smiled. “Is my piano performance not good enough?”

When the reporters saw that she didn’t mind and even effortlessly avoided an awkward moment, they
didn’t press on.

Xyla performed the song ‘Love Sick’ on the piano. It was in the soundtrack of the movie ‘The Clouds’,
and it acted as a promotion piece for the movie.

Once the event was over, Xyla said she wasn’t feeling well and left.

Mindy got into the driver’s seat and buckled up. “Are you really not going?”

Xyla rubbed the bridge of her nose. “I feel nauseated when I see alcohol. Do you think I should go?”
Besides, she would definitely bump into Yorrick at the party,

Mindy paused. Xyla was probably traumatized because she had drunk too much.

Just when she was going to drive, a black car blocked her path, and she immediately stomped on the
brake pedal. Xyla almost ran into the seat from the back. “What happened?”

She looked up and saw the man exiting the car with a stoic expression. Yorrick opened the car door
and stood there, looking at her with a smile. “Get out of the car.”

Xyla got out and knocked on the window to ask Mindy to leave. Mindy was worried and took a few
more glances as she drove away.

Yorrick pulled her into his arms and got close to her ear, “Your assistant seems to be worried about
you.” “How could she not be?” Xyla looked down and pushed her hair behind her ears.

Yorrick laughed, then guided her to the car with his arms around her shoulder.

The paparazzo captured that and zoomed in. It was a clear picture, and he was going to expose them.
He happily put the camera away and turned to leave.

When they were back at the hotel, Yorrick pressed her against the wall the moment they got into the
room and kissed her. He slid her silk shirt off her shoulders and carried her to the couch. The rain
started coming down harder and blurred the neon lights. It was a beautiful sight.

The next day…

When Xyla woke up, the sun was up. She turned around, but someone grabbed her from behind. She
paused, then Yorrick buried his face into her neck, pressing his lips onto her. * You’re awake.”

Xyla grabbed his hand. “I want to get up.” Yorrick held her in his arms and lazily chuckled. “You don’t
have anything planned for the next few days.”

“How did you know?” Xyla frowned.

Yorrick kissed her shoulder. “I bribed your assistant.” Xyla was thinking about something when he
turned her around and propped himself up with his elbow. “You’re going to spend time with me.”

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