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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1116

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Chapter 1116

Xyla didn’t know why she had suddenly dreamed of the past. Maybe her brain was almost forgetting,
and the memory was prompting her?

She looked at Yorrick, “Do you have any requirements for your lover?”

Yorrick looked at her pinkish lips. “What do you think?”

He wanted to get close, but Xyla put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him away. His eyes were
dark, and then she slightly turned away. “I threw up last night and haven’t brushed my teeth. I don’t
want to disgust you, thanks.”

Yorrick chuckled and pressed his warm lips to her forehead.

Xyla paused. What was that supposed to mean?

Yorrick messed up the top of her hair and stood up. “Rest well.”

“Xy, I bought…” Mindy brought some soup into the room and froze when she saw Yorrick as he was

Mindy brought the soup to her after Yorrick left. “Was Mr. Hathaway… worried about you?”

Xyla got out of bed and laughed. “He could be worried a few more times. The next time you might just
see me in the funeral parlor.’

Mindy cursed, “Nonsense. You’re going to live up to 100, don’t worry.”

After Xyla was discharged, she stayed home for three more days. Yorrick didn’t go and see her, and
she didn’t mind and pretended that he didn’t exist.

On the fourth day, she got a call from the director who was inviting her for a press tour.

It was drizzling outside the window. The neon lights shone on Xyla, who was in the car.

Mindy peered at her through the rearview mirror and couldn’t help but say, “Xy, you’re the second
female lead. Are you sure that’s what you’re wearing to the party?”

Xyla crossed her legs. “It’s just a press party, not a show. What’s the point of dressing up?”

“But you can’t leave home in your pajamas either.” Mindy pursed her lips. There would be a lot of
reporters at the event, and any other actress would dress up.

The pajamas were too casual, and it was a green set. What was that supposed to mean?

The car stopped in front of a restaurant, and the bodyguards there were trying to keep the place under
control. Lots of fans of Marione and Howard were there. They were the official couple and stood in the
middle of the poster.

When Xyla got out of the car, the reporters turned the cameras on her and were shocked.

She wore a dark green pajama set. Her pants were glossy and looked like they were made of silk. The
top was a button-up, and she wore a white camisole inside. The pants were loose and reached the
floor, and she wore a pair of sandals with a red handbag. She had pearl studs as earrings, and her hair
flowed behind her. She took the attention with her red lipstick.

“Is that Xyla Mayweather?”

“She probably wore her pajamas to get attention. Get some pictures.”

The reporters all pointed their cameras toward her. Even Howard and the other actors who were on
stage looked toward her.

Everyone wore a gown to the party and dressed up well except Xyla, who arrived in ‘pajamas’.

The actress who stood next to Marione scoffed and whispered, “Why did she come in pajamas? Did
she just wake up?”

Another actress said, “She was probably trying to get attention.”

Xyla heard that and smiled at them. When she stood with them for a group photo, Xyla stood at the
edge. Mindy understood why

she wasn’t wearing heels. She was tall, so she would overshadow the other actresses if she wore

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