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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1119

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Chapter 1119

The manager was worried that Yorrick wouldn’t be comfortable, so he said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Hathaway.
We’re in the middle of a building site, so there are no hotels nearby.”

“It’s alright. I’ll stay where Mr. Topaz usually stays.” Yorrick took the cold beverage.

The manager nodded. “Alright, I’ll arrange for it.”

When the manager left, Yorrick took a sip of the cold beverage and glanced at Xyla, who was sitting
next to him with her arms crossed.

He put the cup down and smiled. “Why? Are you not happy that we’re staying at a building site?”

Xyla turned to look at him. “You insisted that I come over with you.”

She understood something and smiled.” You didn’t want your other lover to spend too much time under
the sun, so you brought me over as if I’m not tanned enough.”

Xyla had applied a lot of sunscreen when she got off the plane, but she still felt that she was getting
tanner. Yorrick smiled and looked at her with a hand under his chin. “You’re definitely jealous if you
keep mentioning another woman.”

Xyla didn’t want to speak to him.

He was from Yaramoor, so he would eventually leave. She wouldn’t think that he would stay in Zlokova

The manager walked back in and said he was going to bring them over to the quarters. Anthony usually
rested in the worker’s quarters, but he had a room to himself, a bathroom, a kitchen, and air


“Mr. and Mrs. Hathaway, I’ll leave you to it then.” He smiled and left.

Xyla’s expression froze when she heard,’ Mrs. Hathaway’. She turned to look at Yorrick, who ran his
finger across the tabletop and wasn’t listening. His finger was covered in dust, so he frowned and
wiped his hand with a napkin. “Let’s clean up the place.”

Xyla pointed at herself. “Me? Clean up?” Yorrick looked at her. “Is there anyone else here?”

Xyla was utterly speechless. Had she come all the way here to work and let him order her around?

Yorrick sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, reading a newspaper, and looked up at Xyla, who was
mopping the floor every now and then.

After mopping, she tripped when she was bringing the pale of water out and angrily tossed the mop to
the ground. She poured the dirty water away, went back in, and picked the mop back up again.

Xyla rolled up her sleeves and twisted the cloth dry to wipe the table and kitchen. It was so hot that she
took off her jacket and tied her hair up into a bun.

Yorrick’s eyes followed her around. She was pretty adorable when she was focused.

There was a little cockroach on the kitchen hood.

Xyla raised her hand and squashed it.

Yorrick’s expression changed. “What did you just squash?”

Xyla opened her hand. “A cockroach.”

Yorrick folded up the paper with a frozen expression.

Xyla seemed to notice something and smiled. “You’re not afraid of a cockroach, are you?”

He gnashed his teeth. “No way.”

“Do you want to see its carcass then?” Xyla walked toward him while he bounced up and backed up to
the window. “Don’t come any closer. Don’t you think that’s disgusting?”

“What’s disgusting? It’s dead.” Xyla flicked, and the carcass flew toward him.

Yorrick jumped out of the way, and his face was pale while he clenched his jaw. “Xyla Mayweather,
go… Go wash your hands.” Xyla smiled and walked over to him. She found his weakness and wasn’t
going to let him get away with it. “Honey, come help me wash my hands.”

Yorrick pointed at her and uttered two words, “Get lost.”

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