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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1123

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Chapter 1123

Yorrick suddenly put a bottle of drink on the fold-out table in front of her, and she froze. She tried to
glance at him but couldn’t do it too obviously.

Then, he took her sunglasses off all of a sudden. She took them back, put them back on, and turned
her back on him with her arms wrapped around her.

Yorrick chuckled and extended his arms to grab her shoulder. “Are you still angry with me?” Xyla
pushed his hand away, pointed at him, and said through gritted teeth, “Take your filthy hands off me. If
not, I’m going to sue you for molestation!” Yorrick placed his hand on his forehead and looked at her.
Then, he laughed. “Look around you. There are only the two of us in the business cabin.”

Xyla was stunned. She rose to her feet and looked around, and just like Yorrick had said, there was no
one in the business cabin. She was dumbfounded and dropped back in her seat. “What do you mean
by this?”

Yorrick leaned closer while twirling his finger around her hair and replied, “It happened that my family
owns this airline.”

Xyla did not expect that she would send herself right into Yorrick’s hands.

At that moment, the pilot made an announcement, saying that the flight she was on, K7741, was about
to land at the airport in Yaramoor and that passengers arriving in East Winston, Rutterford, were to be
transferred to the second floor of the airport for boarding.

Xyla sat helplessly in her seat. If they were going to transfer at Yaramoor to East

Winston, did this not mean she had walked herself straight into his territory?

While Xyla was distracted, Yorrick landed his lips on Xyla’s, stunning her. When she was about to push
him away, he had already

gotten up.

“What the hill is wrong with you, Yorrick?” Xyla shouted exasperatingly as she raised her hand in an
attempt to slap him in the cheek.

Yorrick was prepared for it, so he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. His laughter erupted
above her as he said, “It’s not a good habit for women to be so boorish.” “Let go of me!” Xyla shouted
as she struggled. She pinched and punched him, and she would have kicked him as well if she had the
chance. “I want to change my seat!”

She shot up from the seat. Suddenly, the plane started descending, causing her to fall on Yorrick and
her palm to land on a spot that she should not touch. She was stunned for a moment before she
withdrew her hand and went back to her seat. The sensation that lingered on her palm was…

Yorrick leaned closer and whispered into her ear, “How was it?”

Xyla scoffed and replied, “Just average.”

“Really?” Yorrick turned her head over to meet his gaze. He stared at her intently, and her gaze was
filled with desire. “Even if it’s average, it’s enough to satisfy you, isn’t it?”

Xyla did not say anything in return.

When the plane arrived at Yaramoor’s airport, Xyla took her suitcase and rushed to the next flight.
However, she was stopped by someone in the aisle. She turned her head around to see that Yorrick
and his bodyguards were pacing toward her.

While she was distracted, Yorrick’s bodyguard took her suitcase away.

Xyla did not know whether she should get angry or laugh right now. She said, “What a sh*tty approach,
Mr. Hathaway.”

“Yeah,” Yorrick replied. He stopped in front of her and said, “So you can’t go to East Winston anymore,
Ms. Mayweather.”

Xyla went closer to him and asked expressionlessly, “What do you want from


Yorrick lowered his head to look at her and said, “Nothing.”

After that, he chuckled and ran his finger over her hair. “I just want to show you around in Yaramoor.”

“You mean you want to show me how many women you have, right?” Xyla pushed his hand away. “I’m
sorry. I’m not a man, so I’m



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not interested in women.

Besides, if you like my suitcase so much, you can have it. I don’t want it anymore.” Xyla turned around,
and just as she was about to leave, someone grabbed her backpack, causing her to stumble a few
steps back . When she regained her balance, she turned her head around to look at him and said, “Let

Without saying anything, he approached her and grabbed her shoulders. He pushed her forward
despite her struggle. When they got out of the airport gate, she refused to get into the car, but the
bodyguard pushed her into the car by force.

When Yorrick entered the car, Xyla moved to the corner and wrapped her backpack in her arms tightly.
There were her cards, visa, and ID card in the bag, so she figured that she must not let them fall into
Yorrick’s hands.

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