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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1118

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Chapter 1118

Xyla was curious, “A few more days?”

Yorrick raised his eyebrows.

Xyla suddenly scoffed. “Don’t you need to spend time with someone else?”

He pinched her chin. “Who am I supposed to spend time with?”

She pushed his hand away and sat up.” How would I know?”

She stretched her hand out to grab a bathrobe at the edge of the bed and tied her hair up. “If some
other woman is waiting for you , I’m not going to take all your time.”

She wanted to get up, but Yorrick put out his arm, pulled her back, and whispered in her ear, “Are you

Xyla was stunned but smiled. “I’m just a lover. I have no right to be jealous.” Yorrick laughed and
pushed her face toward him. “You’re good at guessing your place.” Xyla escaped from his arms and
went to the bathroom. After cleaning, Yorrick ordered food, and the server pushed a cart into the room
at 8:00 a m.

Xyla was eating a salad when her phone started buzzing. She turned to look, and it was Mindy.

She opened it and the event was trending.

#The effortless beauty Xyla Mayweather# #Xyla Mayweather showed up in pajamas# Mindy: (I didn’t
expect that you would make pajamas a trend. Now the fans are searching for a similar design. You’re

Xyla locked her phone. She had really just worn that because of convenience, and those weren’t
pajamas! They were just casual clothes that looked like pajamas.

Yorrick looked up at her and smiled, “Your pajamas looked quite good.”

She locked eyes with Yorrick. He was praising her? In the next second, he added with a serious face,
“It was easy to remove.”

Xyla burst out laughing and gnashed her teeth. “Yes, there’s no need to unbutton.”

Yorrick nodded and wiped the corner of his mouth with a napkin. “I’m going to the Persian Gulf.”

Xyla was startled and looked down, trying to suppress her happiness. “Oh…” ‘Come with me.

Xyla’s smile froze, and she looked up, “Why should I go with you?”

He placed the napkin at the corner of the table. “I said that you’re going to spend a few days with me.”

Xyla was rendered speechless.

The Persian Gulf project was an international project partnered with Eastwood Enterprise. Yorrick had
taken over from Tristan and worked with

Anthony. He was one of the shareholders who were in charge of the project, so he had to visit the site.

It would take an hour by flight to get from Bassburge to the gulf, and once they got there, there would
be a boat ride to the island. The Persian Gulf was a pitstop for sea travel because it was dangerous for
the ships to sail around. There was danger of bad weather, hurricanes, no ports to stop at, etc., and it
would be a problem.

The freight ships could be seen docked along the coast. A small town that could house around 50,000
residents would be built on the island, and the project would take five to eight years.

Xyla wore a purple beach dress. When they got on the island, the burning sun almost killed her on the

Yorrick didn’t wear his usual suit and wore something casual instead. The project manager seemed to
have learned about his arrival from Anthony and came to welcome him.

“Mr. Hathaway, I heard from Mr. Topaz that you’d be coming to visit the site. It’s noon now, and the sun
is at its full brightness. Do you want to take a rest indoors? I’ll bring you around in the evening.”

Yorrick took off his sunglasses, looked around, and nodded. “Good idea.” The manager talked about
the project along the way, and when they got into the office with air conditioning, the manager got the
assistant to bring them cold beverages.

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