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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1126

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Chapter 1126

Yorrick ran his fingers over her lips and smiled. “I don’t have as many women as you think I have.”

“If there aren’t hundreds of them, at least there are dozens of them, right?” She smacked his hand

Yorrick grabbed her finger and held onto it. “That’s different.” Xyla ignored him as she was too tired for
his explanation. She pulled her hand out and propped it against Yorrick’s chest, intending to push him
away, but his body felt as steady as a mountain.

He buried his face in her shoulder and chuckled. “You don’t like the fact that I have too many women
around me, do you?” Seeing that she could not push him away, Xyla simply stopped struggling.

‘Since he hates women who listen to him and do what he wants them to do, I’ll just become that.’

“Yeah, I don’t like the fact that too many women surround you.” Xyla took the initiative to wrap her arms
around his neck while giving off a hint of coquettishness through her flirtatious gaze. “Why should I
share a man with other women, especially a man who’s as outstanding as you, Mr. Hathaway? I prefer
to keep you to myself.”

She then jerked his body abruptly, turned over, and changed positions with him.” You’re right. I didn’t
reject you the other night because I have a thing for you. I refused to be your lover only because I was
playing hard-to-get. Who wouldn’t want to be the woman of the world’s richest man? I do not only want
to be your woman but also the woman who drives away all those pesky women around you.”

Xyla lowered her head to kiss him. It stood to reason that he would push her away, but he did not, let
alone dodge her kiss.

Yorrick stared fixedly at her, and a hint of curiosity beamed from the bottom of his profound eyes.

Xyla only hesitated for a few seconds, but he already raised his hands, clamped her face between both
palms, and kissed her without any warning.

She was astonished.

The intimate moment lasted for only a split second as Yorrick let her lips free after only giving her a
shallow peck. He then placed his palms on her cheeks and rubbed them in circles. “Good job.”

He laughed out loud, moved closer to her ear, and whispered, “I’ll take what you just said very

Just when Xyla was a little distracted, he turned over, trapped her under his body, and repeated what
he just said, “Xyla Mayweather, I’m dead serious this time around.”

She took a deep breath. “Take what seriously?”

“What you just said seconds ago.” Yorrick rubbed the corner of her lips with his thumb. “You said you
want to keep me to yourself . You’ve done it now, haven’t you?”

“Are you out of your mind? I was just-” Xyla was a little bewildered.

‘Doesn’t he hate women who pester him? Just like what happened to Jodie.’

“What do you want to say? That you were just… acting?” Yorrick chuckled. “That was so realistic that
it’s totally believable. So sign me up. I’ll give you a chance to drive all those women away. That’s what
you want, isn’t it?”

Xyla turned her face away, “I don’t-”

“You’ll have to pay for what you did the other night.”

She choked on her own words. “You-”

Yorrick’s delighted expression was unprecedented, “You don’t hate me.”

She stared at him blankly as she was at a loss for words.

Yorrick approached her cheek with his lips, and a wide grin could be seen on his face. “And you don’t
hate me for touching you too, do you?”

Xyla froze in place.

‘I don’t hate him. I don’t despise his touch, so I won’t deny all these statements only for the sake of
denying.’ Yorrick lifted her face and forced her to stare directly at himself. “You don’t want to admit that
you had failed to get together with Louis, so you want to prove that you’re still an attractive woman.
That’s why you deliberately gave Nathan a chance to court you. It’s a pity that men who take the bait so
easily usually have ulterior motives.”



Xyla took a deep breath. “So what?”

Yorrick smiled and tapped the tip of her nose with his finger. “I ended my contract with you earlier than
what we agreed on, and the feeling of being played by me didn’t sit well with you.”

Her chest palpitated rapidly. “That’s because you questioned my acting skills!”

“Is that really the case?” Yorrick’s lips were less than an inch away from her cheek.

Xyla felt very itchy as his breath brushed against her delicate skin, not to mention that it felt scorching
hot. Hence, she turned her head away to avoid him.

Yorrick turned her face back, leaving her with nowhere to escape. “You’re quite a lofty one in the eyes
of the public, but your loftiness is just an armor you created to protect the timid and innocent young
lady that lives within you.

“You’re ferociously competitive and wish to excel over others in all aspects of life. That was why you felt
like you couldn’t back down from any challenge that I brought up. Obviously, you haven’t been with any
man, but you brazenly chose to lie. However, you immediately back off when the real deal is being
presented to you.”

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