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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1128

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Chapter 1128

Nolan raised his hand, rubbed the top of her shaggy hair, and handed her the delicate cake box. “It’s
from David.”

Maisie took the cake from him and asked. Did you go to see President David?”

Nolan responded softly, took off his coat, draped it on the back of the chair, and slowly rolled up his
sleeves. “Is there anything that hasn’t been done yet?”

Maisie chuckled. “Does this mean that you’re offering to help me?”

“Otherwise, what else can I do?” Nolan raised his eyebrows slightly. “I told you to hire a few more
people instead of asking me to wait for you every day.”

Maisie sat down on the couch beside him and opened the cake box. “The main reason is that this
branch isn’t stable yet. I’ll definitely hire a few more when everything has gotten on board and is
moving stably.”

She took a bite off the spoon, and it tasted delicious, sweet, and had a slightly bitter aftertaste. “This is

Nolan cleared the cashier and did the inventory count for her.

As Maisie looked up at Nolan, who was occupied by the tasks on hand and looked extremely serious,
her lips could not help but rise.

‘My husband looks exceptionally handsome while he’s at work!

“Hubby, have a taste.” Maisie handed the cake to him.

Nolan lifted his head and looked at her, but the first thing that caught his attention

was the smear of chocolate cream on the corner of her lips.

“Go on. I can’t finish it all by myself anyway.” Maisie was about to shove the cake into his mouth.

Nolan stopped what he was doing, squinted, and gave off a smile. “I’ll tell you a secret.”

Maisie approached him with her ear.” What’s that?”

Nolan straightened her head, kissed her on the corner of her lips, and then wiped his lips lightly with his
finger. “I’ve tasted it, but it’s not as sweet as my wife.”

Maisie blushed and muttered in a low voice, “You shameless man.”

Nolan smiled. “But I’ve always been like this, haven’t I?”

She continued to taste the cake in her hand and nodded. “Yeah, but I love your shamelessness.”

Nolan raised his hand and pinched her by her chin. “Your cousin and Ryleigh will come to Stoslo in two
days, and you’ll have your bestie here to accompany you. Are you looking forward to that?”

Maisie was surprised and guessed that Ryleigh would be here to meet her grandfather. She then could
not help but laugh out loud when she saw Nolan’s jealous appearance. “Not only are you a shameless
man, but you’re also a jealous man. Even if Ryleigh wants to stay with me all day long, that husband of
hers won’t let her have it her way.”

Two days later, Louis and Ryleigh arrived in Stoslo.

Ryleigh had never seen Hernandez before this and was very nervous about the meeting.

Maisie and Nolan were waiting for them outside the airport when Ryleigh came out and saw Maisie.

She waved at her, stretched her arms outward, and ran toward her. “Zee!” She then hugged Maisie. “I
missed you so much!”

The two men who were standing on the side looked at the two women who were hugging each other
and took a look at each other.

‘Do we need to do so too?’

‘Nah, forget it.’

Louis was forced to take the co-passenger seat as Nolan was the one who was driving them back to
the de Arma mansion, while the two women sat in the rear seats. They had not seen each other for
several months and had a lot to talk about, which made the two men sitting in front look even more

“Zee, do you know about Xyla and Yorrick?” Ryleigh lowered her voice and whispered it in her ear. Her
voice was soft, but it was

impossible for the two men in front not to hear her in a quiet car. Maisie’s hands, which were adjusting
her collar, stopped moving. “Xyla and Yorrick are together?”

To be honest, she had been so busy with the opening of the new branch recently that she did not pay
attention to any of the domestic news.

Louis turned his head and looked at

Ryleigh. “Why don’t you seem so talkative

when you’re with me?’

Ryleigh paused for a bit and pouted. “Zee is my best friend, so how can you compare yourself with my
best friend? I just talk a lot whenever I’m with Zee.”

Nolan, who was driving, said casually, “It’s only natural for your wife to act a little more anxiously when
she’s about to bring your ex-girlfriend up, Mr. Lucas.”

Maisie chuckled.

Louis smiled. “Seeing my cousin-in-law get neglected by my cousin is quite a scene too.”

Nolan stopped talking.

Maisie looked at them. “You two are just so childish.”

“That’s right, you childish men.” Ryleigh nodded and suddenly remembered something. “By the way,
Mr. Goldmann, aren’t you related to Yorrick? I heard that he’s constantly surrounded by countless
women, so will Xyla be hurt by him?”

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