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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1133

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Chapter 1133

The bodyguard nodded. “Ms. Jinks died in a car accident. It’s because of Ms. Jinks’s death that Mr.
Hathaway is…”

The bodyguard did not complete his sentence, but Xyla already knew what he was going to say.

“Yorrick has become a playboy who’s constantly wandering in between women only because of the
death of his beloved first love . No wonder… That’s why he would react in such a way when he saw the
woman who resembles Sharon just now.

“But isn’t this the best outcome that I can hope for? I’ll definitely be spared as long as Yorrick falls in
love with that woman named Sherrie because of her appearance. I’ll be able to leave him for good if
that’s the case, won’t l?’

Xyla lowered her gaze.

‘But that’s strange, why don’t … Why am I not as delighted and looking forward to it as I imagined?’

The bodyguard hurriedly turned the steering wheel, and a car hit them directly out of the blue!

At this moment, in the restaurant…

Yorrick did not even pick up the silverware and food served in front of him.

Mandy was chatting and laughing with Sherrie. She peeped at Yorrick’s expression from time to time
and realized that he seemed quite absent-minded. Thus, she let off a faint smile. “Yorrick, what’s the
matter with you?”

Sherrie also stared at him.

Yorrick met her gaze. He looked exceptionally calm as there was no trace of turbulence in his eyes. “I
didn’t expect you and my mother to turn to this method.”

Mandy’s hands holding the steak Knife and fork tightened, but the smile on her face did not disappear.
“Yorrick, I don’t know what you’re talking-” “Sharon is dead.” Yorrick changed his sitting position, and
his expression looked chilly. “Are you two trying to test me by bringing a woman that resembles her to

Sherrie’s face slightly paled. After all, Mrs. Hathaway was the one who had made her change her
appearance into what she

looked like now. She knew exactly what was the purpose of her new look.

Mandy looked at him. “Yorrick, you’ve misunderstood us. I know clearly that you can’t get your mind off
Sharon, so I only want you to walk out of the pain,”

Yorrick scoffed. He leaned back, interlocked his fingers, and placed his arms on the back of the chair’s
headrest.” So, you’ve found me a substitute. I didn’t expect such generosity from the fiancee that my
mother has found for me.”

The smile on Mandy’s face disappeared this time around. Yorrick received a call all of a sudden and
picked it up. The other party said something to him, and his expression changed slightly. He then stood
up abruptly and left without looking back after finishing the call.

“Yorrick!” Mandy caught up to him and grabbed him. “Are you leaving already? Are you going to
leave… Leave us behind?” Yorrick turned to look at her—the sheer coldness glinting at the bottom of
his eyes froze Mandy in place.

Mandy was astonished by his glare. She let go of him but did not want to let this opportunity slip.
“Yorrick! I know that you’ve never treated any woman around you seriously apart from Sharon. If a

woman is all you want, I can introduce Sherrie to you, so just don’t go.”

“You wish to introduce her to me as a substitute? What makes you think that she’s worthy of Sharon’s
name!?” Yorrick pushed Mandy away ruthlessly.

Mandy lost her balance and fell to the floor.

Sherrie came over to help her up, and her expression changed. “Mr. Hathaway,” “You, sh*t up!” Yorrick
strode forward and pinched her cheek with a gloomy expression. “You’re thinking about approaching
me just because you and Sharon share the same appearance? You aren’t worthy of her name. An
imitation will forever be an imitation. There’s no way you’ll ever be able to replace the real thing!”

He pushed Sherrie away and glanced at her face, which looked extremely similar to that of Sharon’s.
However, there was not even a hint of approval or acceptance in his eyes.

Yorrick turned around and left the scene.

Mandy froze on the floor, and her shoulders trembled involuntarily.



Lilapier is

“How could it be… Didn’t Mrs. Hathaway say this plan is foolproof? Yorrick loves Sharon so much that
it’s impossible for him not to crumble when facing someone that looks so similar to her!’

At the hospital…


When the doctor took out the broken glass that had punctured Xyla’s shoulder, she screamed in pain
while lying in bed. Although they had given her a sedative, she could still feel scorching pain when the
shard was removed.

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