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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1135

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Chapter 1135

The bodyguard was a little embarrassed.” Ms. Mayweather, please don’t say that. Actually-” He was
about to respond to Xyla’s appreciation when he saw Yorrick appearing at the door and stopped
halfway. “Mr. Hathaway?”

Xyla turned to look at him. “Hey, you’ve woken up?”

Yorrick frowned. “Why aren’t you resting? And what are you doing, running around the hospital?” “I’m
only mildly injured. My legs and feet are fine, so why do I need to rest?” Xyla rubbed her shoulder and
continued. “Your bodyguard is suffering from worse injuries when compared to me. He’s the one who
needs more rest.”

Yorrick took a deep breath. “Then why are you here disturbing his rest?”

She choked on her words. “I-I’m only here to thank him. We would have died already if it weren’t for his
exceptional driving skills.” “Mr. Hathaway…” The bodyguard took a glance at Yorrick. It seemed like he
had something to tell him, but it was something he could say to him and to him alone.

Yorrick naturally understood the meaning behind that. He helped Xyla up and stroked her slightly
messy hair with his fingers. “ Go back to your room to rest first. Don’t run around anymore.”

Xyla was astounded for a moment.

‘It seems that he’s been acting very strangely and inexplicably since last night.’ Xyla glanced at the two
of them, turned around, and left the ward.

The bodyguard ensured that Xyla had left before he said, “Last night’s accident doesn’t look like an
accident. I’m guessing that Ms. Mayweather might have become a target.”

It was fortunate that he had not been distracted last night. Given the speed the car that had run into
them was going, the car was planning to knock them over. Even though he had prevented the
possibility of being overturned, the rear of the car had been hit.

e car had tilted and lost balance, he did not lose control over the steering wheel and drove them into
the greenery at the side of the road. That was the reason why Xyla had been wounded in the shoulder
by the broken glass.

Yorrick’s face dimmed as the accident made him think of Sharon again.

‘Neither of the incidents happen accidentally.

Xyla sat in her ward and sent a message to Mindy, who still thought that she was traveling in East

She was about to reply to Mindy’s message when a woman appeared outside the ward.

The woman came in luxurious clothes, had an elegant temperament, and her profound facial features
made her look a little like Yorrick. However, her appearance looked stern, and she exuded an
intimidating aura that would give others an impression she was difficult to get along with.

Xyla subconsciously asked, “And you are?” Yuna asked the bodyguard to leave her and replied with a
smile, ‘It’s nice to get to meet you finally. I’m Yorrick’s mother.’ Xyla paused for a split second and gave
off a smile. “Oh, so you’re Mrs. Hathaway. It’s nice to meet you too. Mr. Hathaway is next door, talking
to his bodyguard.”

“I’m here for you.” Yuna answered deliberately.

Xyla’s smile turned a little more restrained. She noticed that Yorrick’s mother did not like her, and it
seemed that his mother had known about the relationship that she shared with Yorrick

Yuna went straight to the point without beating around the bush. “Ms. Mayweather. I believe that you’re
a smart woman. You should also know that my son is already engaged with another woman. Yorrick is
the future heir of the Hathaways, so his wife must be a woman whose family matches the Hathaways in
terms of power, status, and wealth. With that being said, you’re not a suitable candidate.” Xyla was
startled for a short moment and then laughed out loud. “Mrs. Hathaway, you’ve really misunderstood.
I’m not the one who’s pestering Mr. Hathaway.”


She stood up slowly and looked at Yuna in her eyes. “First of all, I would like to clarify that Mr.
Hathaway is the person who’s pestering me. Mr. Hathaway has confiscated all my documents, which
leads to me not being able to go back to Zlokova now. So, Mrs. Hathaway, if you can persuade your
son into returning my documents to me. I promise you that I’ll leave Yaramoor immediately.”

“What did you just say?” Yuna’s eyes dimmed. It was obvious that she did not believe a word Xyla said.
“My son is pestering you? Are you kidding me?” “You must think it’s hilarious too, don’t

you? Then please ask your son to return my documents to me. I really want to return home,” Xyla said
as she rubbed her temples. ‘So many troubles have come up ever since I arrived in Yaramoor. I’ve long
wanted to escape this sh*thole!’

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