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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1136

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Chapter 1136

Yuna stared at Xyla as if trying to learn something from her expression.

Yorrick pushed the bodyguards who were standing outside apart and entered with a stoic expression.
“Why are you here?”

Yuna looked back at him. “You know why. Yorrick.”

Yorrick sniggered. “So you admit that you’ve done something.”

Yuna’s eyes flashed with anger. “I have to remove all obstacles for you. If you don’t let her go, I won’t
let her have an easy life either.”

Xyla was somewhat shocked.

What did they mean by ‘done something’? Was the accident the other night not an accident?

Yoirick looked at her coldly.

After a moment he walked to Xyla, put his arm around her shoulders, and led her away.

Yuna yelled, “Yorrick Hathaway! This is your last chance.”

Yorrick stopped in his tracks-the hand around Xyla’s shoulder tightened while he looked back at his
mother with red eyes filled with anger. “Go ahead and try.”

Yuna’s expression froze. Seeing how Yorrick was going against her for a woman, she looked more and
more embarrassed. Her son shouldn’t try to escape her control. She wouldn’t allow it!

Yorrick brought Xyla to the garage and helped her get into the back seat, then asked the driver to send
her to the hotel so she could rest.

Right when he was closing the door, he suddenly looked at Xyla, cupped her face, and kissed her.
Xyla’s pupils shrunk, and she blinked rapidly.

He lingered for a moment before moving away from her lips and pushing her hair behind her head to
reveal her entire face. He kept his hand on her face. “I left your passport at the front desk. You can
leave if you want.”

“You…” Xyla was surprised that he was going to let her go so soon.

“Why? Are you not ready to leave?” His muscles tensed, and he breathed heavily while he got closer to
her face. “Don’t you want to leave? I’m letting you go now. I don’t want to see you in Yaramoor
anymore. Get out of here once you have collected your passport.”

He pushed Xyla into the car, slammed the door, and turned away.

The driver slowly drove away.

Yorrick covered his face with his hand and composed himself, then picked up his phone to make a
phone call.

Tristan received the call from Yorrick.” How can I help you. Mr. Hathaway?” He picked up his teacup
and pressed it to his lips.

He paused after listening to what Yorrick had to say and slowly sipped his tea.” Alright, I’ll arrange for
it.” When Xyla arrived at the hotel, her passport was indeed at the front desk. She picked it up, returned
to her room, walked to the huge window, and looked at this city that she was somewhat familiar with.

Yorrick finally allowed her to go home, so she was supposed to be happy. The glass revealed that a
few people approached her through the reflection, causing her to turn around in shock.

Just when she was struggling to get free from the hand covering her mouth, something was injected
into her back, and she started dozing off.

Once she fainted, the man threw the syringe aside and kicked it under the couch. He then pushed her
into the cleaner’s cart and let the person in the cleaner’s uniform outside push her away.

When Xyla woke up, she realized that she was in a dimly lit room with just one window secured by
metal bars.

She felt pain from the spot the drug had been injected, while the wound on her shoulder seemed to
have reopened and blood was sipping through.

Where was this?

Xyla slowly got up and felt around her pocket, only to find she didn’t have her phone. She put pressure
on her shoulder while walking to the window, which was 6 feet from the ground. She couldn’t see what
was outside.

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