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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1138

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Chapter 1138

Mandy’s smile faded. “A marriage shouldn’t just be about love. I’m content just being his wife. I don’t
care if he doesn’t love me, as long as I love him. We’re made for each other. Only I am good enough
for him!”

She pushed Xyla, and the latter hit the wall. Mandy suddenly stomped on her wounded shoulder with
all her might.

Xyla hissed but fought back the pain when blood came out and dyed her collar red.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” Mandy leaned down and looked at her, smiling eerily. “Too bad this isn’t enough. I’m
going to give you a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life.”

She raised her hand, and four men entered. Xyla’s expression froze, and she was pale

as a paper.

Mandy grabbed her by her arm, pushed her toward the men, and looked down at her.” Yorrick doesn’t
like it when other men touch his toy. If I destroy you, Yorrick will give up.”

At the St. Donnor Estate…

Yorrick poured a glass of wine, the red liquid slowly going into the glass. He held the stem of the glass
and swirled it around, looking up at the bodyguards around him.” Are you trying to detain me?”

Yuna walked down the stairs. “Yorrick, I’m doing this for your own good. You shouldn’t have anything to
do with that woman.”

Yorrick slowly drank the wine and chuckled. “We’ve ended things.”

Yuna paused, looking stoic. “Really? Just letting her go doesn’t mean you won’t find

her again.

His smile faded, and he looked at his mother from the corner of his eyes. “So?”

Yuna smiled and walked to the couch.” Yorrick, you’re a good boy that I nurtured. You shouldn’t be this
way because of a useless woman.”

“You made me this way.” Yorrick put down the glass with no emotions.

Yuna looked at him. “You still blame me for Sharon.”

Yorrick looked stoic.

At that moment, he received a text on his phone. The veins on the back of his hands popped up upon
reading it. “You did something to her.”

“Yorrick, you’re the only child we have. You need to carry the-”


Looking at the glass that was shattered all over the floor, Yuna paused with hatred in her eyes. “Are
you defying me?” Yorrick stood up, removed his suit and tie, threw them to the floor, and slowly rolled
up his sleeve. “If this is what you want, I’ll destroy the family that you wish to see.” Yuna turned pale.
“W-What are you saying?”

Yorrick took out a gun and held it in his hand. “The son that you want is just a puppet you can control, a
puppet who doesn’t have a mind of his own and will just do what you tell him. If that’s the reason you
gave me life, then I don’t want it. You can take it back

“Yorrick-” Yuna frantically stood up, “Put down the gun.”

Yorrick pointed it to his temple, and the bodyguards around him panicked. “Sir!”

He growled, “Nobody move!”

Yuna’s eyes turned red. “Are you crazy?

Yorrick, y-you want to die for that woman?” He chuckled. “I wouldn’t die for anyone. I’ll do it so I can
escape you.”

Yuna froze on the spot, and the blood from her face slowly faded.

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