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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1142

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Chapter 1142

“Yes.” Maisie nodded.

“Maisie.” Xyla was standing in front of the door. She was wearing a dress from the man’s daughter.
Although it did not go very well with her body size, she still looked rather good in it.

Xyla came forward and said to the bearded man. “I’m sorry, Mr. Sullivan. She’s my friend.”

Sullivan nodded. Then, he went away to do his own stuff with his cigarette in between his lips.

Xyla pulled Maisie into the house.

Although the house was not as luxurious and spacious as those rooms in the mansion, it was clean.
There was a young boy and an old woman in the house other

than them.

“Hi,” Maisie greeted them, and the boy waved his hand back at her shyly.

However, the old woman did not give Maisie any response, as if she did not get what she said.

Xyla came forward and said, “She’s Mr.

Sullivan’s mother. She’s deaf.”

Maisie was stunned. Something crossed her head, and she turned around to look at her. “Yorrick
thought you’re dead. Can you tell me what happened?”

Xyla was stumped for a moment before she lowered her head. “Do you know Ms. Nix? Yorrick’s
fiancee? She abducted me and wanted to humiliate me. I thought I was going to die as well.”

She sat on the couch and ran her finger across the wound on her shoulder that had been treated. “Mr.
Sullivan saved me.”

The Nixes had ties with the underworld, and Sullivan had worked for the mafia when he was young.
The Nixes had killed his daughter when she was 18.

Mandy had been the main culprit.

Sullivan’s daughter had been studying in the same school as Mandy. Sullivan’s daughter had offended
Mandy, so the latter arranged for her to receive Xyla’s treatment. She had found someone to violate
Sullivan’s daughter, and an accident happened. Sullivan’s daughter ended up dead, so Mandy made it
look like she had killed herself.

Sullivan could not believe that his daughter had killed herself, so he looked into the matter himself. In
the end, all the evidence pointed to the Nixes, but the local police dared not to take any action. After all,
the Nixes had a lot of influence in the area, and they were connected to the underworld, so the police
didn’t want to get themselves into trouble.

Since nobody wanted to help Sullivan, he had no other choice but to swallow his humiliation and
become a bodyguard for the Nixes while looking for a chance to avenge his daughter. When Mandy
abducted Xyla, Sullivan was there. Just as she had been under the impression she was a goner.
Sullivan suddenly attacked Mandy.

Xyla rubbed her forehead and said, “I just remember Mr. Sullivan threw a jacket at me so that I could
put it on. He asked me to get a cab and go to the address he gave me. I was scared and didn’t want to
return to the hotel, so I came here. Mr. Sullivan’s mother took care of me. She treated my wound and
gave her granddaughter’s dress for me to put on.”

Xyla still couldn’t help but shudder when she thought about that scene.

Maisie grabbed her hand and asked, “Are you not going to tell Yorrick that you’re still alive?” Xyla lifted
her head to look at Maisie. She fell silent for a few seconds before averting her gaze. “It was his
fiancee and mother that put me in my current situation. I won’t have an easy life if I stay in Yaramoor.

Since he has already let me go, I… I should just leave.”

“He’s been hospitalized.” Maisie looked at her, the corner of her lips curving up a little. “He was
ambushed when he went to save you. He thought you’re dead, and he’s heartbroken.”

Xyla was stunned. “He’s heartbroken?”

Maisie nodded. “I heard that he’s having some kind of mental issue. It seems like your death has hit
him pretty hard.”

She looked at Xyla, who kept her head low in silence, and added, “Maybe he really does care for you.”

When Maisie returned downtown, Nolan was waiting for her in the hotel. After entering the room, the
first thing that welcomed her gaze was his back. He was standing in front of the ceiling-to-floor window.

She went forward and hugged him from behind. “Honey.” “Are you done with your affairs?” Nolan
grabbed her wrist, turned around, and

secured her in his arms. “You went to see Xyla, right?”

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