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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1147

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Chapter 1147

A few days later, at Stoslo…

Ryleigh saw in a news article of the magazine she was reading that Yorrick had admitted to dating
Xyla. The article also had the picture a reporter had taken for the couple.

“I didn’t expect that they would become a couple!”

Louis, who was sitting on the side drinking his coffee, raised his eyebrows slightly.” Isn’t this good

“Of course, it’s good news. Xyla has finally found the happiness she deserves, and she won’t think
about you anymore.” Ryleigh supported her chin in her hand and held her smile back.

Louis almost choked on his coffee, and he put down the cup. “So, this is the thing that you’re worried
about?” She chuckled. “I’m only joking with you. I’m not worried about this. I was just thinking about…”
Ryleigh lowered her gaze. “She loved you so much back then and even spent six years of her adult life
on you. She must have been very sad when the two of you broke up. And now that she found the
happiness she’s been looking for, she can finally walk out of that sour past. I’m so happy for her.”

Louis smiled. “Yeah, I feel the same way for her too.”

Ryleigh put the magazine down. She seemed to have started to feel hungry again minutes after having
her last meal. She rubbed her stomach and said to Louis,” I feel like eating again.”

Louis lifted his head and looked at her.” You’re sure to put on weight if you continue to eat like this.”

Ryleigh was instantly upset when she heard that comment. “Are you starting to complain that I’m fat

“I’m not complaining.” Louis massaged his temples helplessly, got up, walked toward Ryleigh, and
rubbed the top of her head while staring at her affectionately. “I’ll go and make you something to eat.”

Ryleigh smiled and nodded.

The next day, Ryleigh stood on a scale to weigh herself and cried when she saw the figure that
appeared on the scale. “I actually gained ten pounds!?”

She pinched her waist and realized that it had become even thicker than it used to be.

‘My slender waist is already this close to bidding me farewell forever! No wonder Louis hasn’t even
touched me these few weeks. It turns out that he really dislikes the fact that I’m turning fat!

“Louis Lucas!” Ryleigh rushed into the bedroom angrily, and before Louis could get up from the bed, he
was hauled out of bed and got scolded. “You said you weren’t complaining about my weight. But I really
put on a lot of weight, so tell me right now! Have you been so cold to me because I’ve… I’ve become
fat and ugly?”

Louis propped the side of his forehead against one hand, lay on his side on the bed, and stared at her
with a languid expression.” What do you mean by me being cold?”

You… You don’t even want to touch me now, and you’re telling me that you’re not complaining?”
Ryleigh smacked him with a pillow. “You men are all liars. Before you men get to marry the woman that
you love, everything’s lovey-dovey, but as soon as you get her to marry you, the woman of your life will
immediately be turned into a decoration!” Louis grabbed the pillow that was coming his way, pulled her
into his arms, and laughed. “How long has it been since your last bled?”

“What do you mean by how long has it been since I last bled?” “What do you think?” Louis pinched her
chin, raised her face lightly, and said seriously. “You’re a woman. Haven’t you realized that your
menstrual cycle has been a few weeks late?”

Ryleigh was astonished.

“Now that he’s mentioned it, my period should’ve been due a long time ago, but I haven’t been taking it
seriously.’ Louis pinched her cheek. “I’ll do the math for you. Your period has been delayed by at least
five weeks, you’ve gained weight, you’ re either eating or sleeping all day long, and you get agitated
extremely easily. Don’t all these point to the fact that you’re currently pregnant?”

” ..” Ryleigh looked at him in surprise.” How are you so clear when it comes to this matter!?”

“He actually knows my cycle better than I do!?’

Louis covered his face with his palm and could not help but laugh out loud. Ryleigh could see his
squinting, sly eyes through the gaps in between his fingers. “That’s because I’ve been planning to get
you pregnant, so how would things work if I didn’t know when exactly your period started?”

Ryleigh choked on her saliva.

‘So, does that mean that I’ve won the jackpot?’

At noon, Louis brought Ryleigh to the hospital for a checkup, and the result of the checkup was that-
she was pregnant!

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