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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1145

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Chapter 1145

Xyla picked up the laptop. She looked at the screen and a message popped into her vision.

[I’ll be waiting for you )

One month later, Xyla was invited to attend an event by a high luxury brand in Yaramoor. She wore a
custom-made dress by Somnus Star. It was a dress spotted with star rhinestones that would phase
from light blue to dark blue. There was a silk scarf falling from her shoulders that swayed with her
movements. She stood on the red carpet with a smile on her face and waved at the media reporters.
After that, she walked with the staff to the autograph wall to put on her autograph.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out in the

crowd. Xyla turned her head and saw Yorrick walking in her direction with the people from the brand

The man with broad shoulders and narrow waist who walked in an upright position at the center was
the one whom she had not seen for a whole month. Under the flashes, his features were carved to
perfection, and the people beside him were pale in comparison to him.

It seemed like he had changed, but it also seemed like he hadn’t changed at all.

When their gaze met, Xyla offered him a smile. She handed the pen over to the staff member beside
her and walked past Yorrick. However, no one saw that Yorrick coiled his finger around hers. His
movement was swift and light, but it caused Xyla’s heart to skip a beat

Xyla continued to walk forward, but a smile was tugging on her lips. Xyla returned to the hotel, and the
bell rang right after Mindy left. Xyla had already changed into the sleeping gown she had brought with

her. When she opened the door, she did not even have a chance to look at the person in front of her as
she was pinned to the wall while a shower of kisses rained on her.

Xyla stretched her arm to coil around his neck and asked, “Didn’t I ask you to wait for me, Mr.
Hathaway? Or you can’t wait anymore?”

Yorrick scooped her up from the floor and carried her to the couch. He pressed his lips on her cheek
and said, “I’ve waited for you for a moment. I was worried that you might stand me up.”

She chuckled. “I just asked you to wait for me. I didn’t say I’m going to take a flight and come to look for
you right away.”

He buried his head into her shoulder and laughed. “Are you really going to chase after me?”

Xyla began to undo his buttons one by one and lifted her eyebrows to look at him.” Yes. It’s still not too
late if you want to back out right now. Once I start to chase you, I won’t accept a no as an answer

Yorrick pulled his tie off and kissed her. “I think you’re the one who will back out in the end.”

Xyla wrapped her arms around him. His kisses that landed on her like rain tickled the tip of her heart,
making her tremble with ecstasy.

“The one who backed out will be a chicken!” The ice and the fire finally reunited. Their blood boiled,
and they fell deeper and deeper into the abyss of desire as their movements swayed along with the

When Yorrick announced his relationship with Xyla to the public, the Internet server had an outage.
After all, Yorrick had been known as a womanizer. He had never admitted to the public that he was
dating anyone, and this was the first time.

The media from Yaramoor was familiar with Xyla, and her name could be found in every corner of the
Internet. She was a” retired” supermodel, a spokesperson for numerous luxury brands, and the
daughter of the director of Royal Crown.

Nobody had expected that she would be the one to take Yorrick down. Yorrick did not expect he would
fall in love with Xyla as well. Perhaps even Xyla herself did not think that they would work out in the

Xyla and Yorrick came to the restaurant.

Madam Hathaway, Nolan, and Maisie were already waiting for them inside.

Holding Xyla’s hand, Yorrick came up to Madam Hathaway and greeted her, “Aunt Hathaway.”

Llupici U19

Madam Hathaway smiled and replied,” Have your seat.”

Xyla sat beside Maisie. This was the first time she was meeting Madam Hathaway.

Madam Hathaway looked at Xyla with a smile on her face and said, “I heard that you’re familiar with my
granddaughter-inlaw. This must be fate. After seeing Nolan form a family of his own, my nephew finally
got himself a girlfriend now. I don’t have any regrets anymore, and I can die in peace.”

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