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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1146

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Chapter 1146

Xyla exchanged gazes with Maisie and smiled. “Maybe it’s just fate.”

Maisie supported her chin in one hand. Noles and I were still concerned that Yorrick was going to be a
bachelor for the rest of his lite some time ago. I really didn’t expect this.”

Nolan scoffed. “After all, he’s a middle-aged man who’s about to turn 37 years old this year, so there’s
not much time left.”

Yorrick glared at him. “You’re only three years younger than me.” “Okay, just how old do the both of you
think you are now? And yet, you’re still quarreling with each other as if you’re still kids. Zee and Xyla
are still here, so can you two not embarrass yourselves when they’re around?” Madam Hathaway might
seem to be reprimanding those two men, but she had a wide grin on her face throughout the whole

Xyla and Maisie both tried their best to hold back their laughter.

“Xyla.” Madam Hathaway looked at her and picked up her wine glass from the table. “I would like to
apologize for what Yorrick’s mother did to you before this.” Xyla was stunned for a moment. She then
got up and grabbed her wine glass in a hurry. “Madam Hathaway, I actually-”

“His mother. Yuna, is the daughter-in-law of the Hathaways, so I’m apologizing to you on behalf of her
as well as the Hathaways.” Mrs. Hathaway interrupted her. “His mother has always been the one who’s
at fault, and I’m apologizing to you and Sharon,” Xyla squeezed the foot of the glass tightly and glanced
at Yorrick, who was silent as if something was going through his mind.

Yuna loves her son too much, and she’s too selfish. She’s always been afraid that her son will leave
her. That’s why she had been trying to get her child to live the lifestyle she wanted him to have so that

he would turn into someone she likes him to be.” Mrs. Hathaway sighed. “What happened to Sharon is
a debt that the Hathaways can never pay back to her family. However, the tragedy back then has
already created an irreversible outcome, and you’re lucky enough to escape the same fate this time
around. So, no matter what, I must apologize to you.”

Since Madam Hathaway had finished her wine in one go, it was only natural for Xyla to finish all her
wine too.

Maisie and Nolan looked at each other and smiled.

This might be the best and the luckiest outcome.

Later that night…

While they were on their way back after dinner, Xyla leaned on the back of the seat and was on the
verge of falling asleep. And because of the alcohol that she had consumed before that, she could not
even lift her eyelids.

Yorick took her into his arms, and she rested her head on his shoulders. Her soft, long hair wrapped
around his arms gently like silk

“Are you drunk?” Yorrick pecked her forehead softly, and she telt itchy as his warm breath brushed over
her skin.

She nodded, stretched out her arms, and wrapped them around his waist. “Yeah, I’ve drunk a little too

“Oh really?” Yorick stared down at her blushing cheeks and could not help but give off a smile through
the corners of his lips. He then inserted his hand through the bottom hem of her blouse,

Xyla trembled instantly, sat up straight and pressed her body against his arm. Yorick Hathaway!”

He chuckled softly, “Didn’t you say that you’re drunk?”

Xyla ignored him and leaned back down again. She asked after a while. “You still can’t let the memory
that you had with Sharon 90. can you?”

Yorrick rested his chin on the top of her head and smiled. “Are you jealous of her?”

She muttered, “No.”

“Sharon is someone of my past already.* Yorrick stroked the dark hair that was hanging on the side of
her body. pressed his palm against her cheek, and forced her to look up at him. “But you’re my present,
and of course, my future.”

Xyla suddenly thought of what he had said back then-something about her being his second woman
and even his last.

She smiled and kissed his lips. “You can always miss her from time to time, but I must be the only
woman that you’re allowed to think of in the future.”

Yorrick laughed and rubbed her lips with the tip of his thumb. “I’ll only think of you in the future as soon
as you become the official Mrs. Hathaway.”

The dark night sky outside the window looked like the background of a dream because of the
embellishment of the neon lights, and the beauty was almost ethereal.

Xyla cuddled in his arms as she stared at the scenery that went by the car window in a snap of a finger
and changed in a matter of a split second as if she was bidding her past self goodbye.

It turned out that being in a relationship was not a one-sided thing. It would only work when both parties
in the relationship had the same idea in mind. Thus, even if she had only taken one step toward the

other end of the spectrum, the other party would happily take all the remaining steps just to get closer
to her.

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