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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1148

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Chapter 1148

Ryleigh walked out of the ultrasound room while rubbing her abdomen. She was not at all prepared for
the sudden addition to the family member that was living in her womb at the moment.

‘I got pregnant before I even got ready to become a mother.

‘But looking back on Louis’ various actions in the past few weeks now, he’s been telling me that I’m
getting fat, but he hasn’t been restricting me from eating anything at all. I’ve not been allowed to stay
up late, eat junk food, wear high heels, and even jump around. Don’t all these mean that he’s noticed
this since weeks ago?’

Louis stood and waited in the corridor. He was about to speak when he saw Ryleigh

coming out of the room. Ryleigh stopped him by shoving the smacking his chest with the result. “Why
didn’t you tell me about this earlier?”

He took the report and looked down at her aggrieved face. “Do you… Do you not want to have kids?”

“Of course not,” Ryleigh replied anxiously.” If you had told me about this earlier, I would have started
preparing myself since then. And now that I learned I’m pregnant out of the blue before mentally
preparing myself for the news, I’m afraid…”

Louis took her into his arms and stroked her hair. “I’m sorry, I’ve been too selfish. I was afraid that you
wouldn’t want to keep the baby if you were to know that you’re pregnant earlier.”

He had originally planned to conceal the pregnancy until three months later so that she would not be
able to have an abortion after the fetus was fully formed. However, he had ignored the fact she would
be afraid of conceiving a child.

“Who told you that I wouldn’t want a kid?” Ryleigh laughed and cried in Louis’ arms. * I’m only scared.
I’m afraid of the pain.”

Louis wiped her tears away and kissed her on the top of her head. “I’ll be there with you throughout the
whole process. If you’re afraid of the pain, we’ll choose to deliver the baby through a C-section. I’ll also
get you the best medical team to ensure your safety and make you suffer less.”

Ryleigh was coaxed into a guffaw. “I wonder if you do mean it. And just… I’m only making an
assumption here. Just in case I’m going through a difficult childbirth, will you choose to save the mother
or the baby?”

Louis pinched her face with a serious expression. “Isn’t this a no-brainer? I’ll of course, choose to save
you first. We can always conceive another child in the future. But who else can I ask to be my wife if
you’re gone because of childbirth?”

Ryleigh chuckled and plunged her head into his arms again.

“I feel like I didn’t get myself a wife through our marriage, but a daughter instead because she cries all
day long…”

“What did you just say?”

“Nothing much.” Louis wrapped his arm around her and said solemnly, “I was saying that we should go
home already.”

At the de Arma mansion…

“I’m going to be a great-grandfather already?” Hernandez learned that Ryleigh was pregnant and was
so happy that he could not keep his mouth closed. “Oh my, this is really a delightful event. How great is

this? I’ll actually be able to see the birth of my great grandson before I kick the bucket. I think my whole
life has been completed because of this.”

Hernandez immediately summoned the servants and asked them to prepare a scrumptious dinner
banquet for them.

Louis helped Ryleigh to sit down on the couch as Hernandez stared at him. “Take good care of your
wife. A pregnancy is the most tiring thing that any woman in the world has to go through. I didn’t even
dare to make your grandmother do anything when she was pregnant with your mother, as the baby was
our top priority throughout the whole journey.”

Louis nodded helplessly. “I know. You don’t have to remind me about that.’

Hernandez then added with a stern expression, “Also, don’t make your wife angry again. Mental
stability is also crucial to any pregnant lady. Do you get me?”

Louis chuckled. “How would I dare to make her angry? Do you know how long it would take for me to
coax her every time she cries?”

Ryleigh glared at him while Louis rubbed the top of her head as the smile on his face intensified.

The continuous heavy rain baptized the capital of the Yaramoor. The roses of the St. Donnor Estate
looked even more beautiful when they bloomed during the rainy season. The rain droplets dripped off
the eaves and onto the bluestone slabs and flowed into the soil, nourishing the newly grown buds.

Nolan and Yorrick were sitting behind the curtains, playing chess, while a servant was standing next to
their desk, brewing tea. The boiled water was then poured onto the tea leaves, and the fragrance of the
tea pervaded the whole room.

Yorrick looked out the window. “The rainy season is here again. This looks bad.”

“Yeah, this weather looks pretty bad.” Nolan picked up the teacup and took a tiny sip. “It seems that I’ll
be staying here for a few more days,

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