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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1174

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Chapter 1174

Naomi turned around. She was calm and didn’t have any emotions that she should have upon learning
the truth. “Dad. I’m going to look for Mrs. Irving.”

She left the ward and bumped into Mrs. Irving in the corridor, who came to deliver them their lunch.
Mrs. Irving asked, “Did Mr. Topaz wake up already?”

She nodded.

When Mrs. Irving saw the solemn expression on Naomi’s face, she asked worriedly, “What happened,

Naomi lowered her head. “You know that Mrs. Gosling is my mother, right?”

Mrs. Irving was stunned. She looked toward the ward and said, “Has Mr. Topaz

told you everything?” Naomi nodded.

Mrs. living took a deep breath and replied,” Ms. Emerson indeed is your mother. She was also the most
famous celebrity in the entertainment industry that year and was known as the “successor” of Natasha.
After Natasha married the head of the Goldmanns, she retired from the entertainment industry, and
your father was tasked to be Ms. Emerson’s agent.

“Ms. Emerson is a passionate woman. When your father was her agent, he fell in love with her, and
both of them dated each other for five years without anyone knowing about their relationship. Your
father secured many resources for her, and because of that, she became an A-list celebrity very soon.”
Suddenly, Mrs. Irving let out a sigh.” Everyone will change once they’ve gained greater fame and
wealth, and it applies to those from the entertainment industry as well. As Ms. Emerson immersed in

the fame and glory that your father brought to her, she wanted even more. After she got to know
someone from the upper class, she began to look down on your father since he was just an agent.

“Two years later, she was pregnant.”

Naomi looked intently at Mrs. Irving as her face turned slightly pale.

Mrs. Irving then continued. “Ms. Emerson was at the peak of her career at that time. She didn’t want to
give birth to you at all. It was your father who begged her to deliver the baby. Because of that, he hid
her pregnancy from the public and gave her the best resources.

In the fourth month of her pregnancy. your father sent her abroad to nourish the fetus. She only
returned to continue to develop her career in the industry after giving birth to you abroad.

“During that period, it was your father who took care of you. Ms. Emerson had never held you since you
were born. One year after she gave birth to you, the media captured her intimate photos with Mr.

Gosling from the Petroleum Corporation, and it was also at that time that she officially broke up with
your father.” Naomi’s chest was heaving up and down heavily as she lowered her head. So, this was
her mother who had abandoned her just like her father said?

Patricia had not wanted to give birth to her, and had it not been for her father’s begging, Naomi might
never have come to this world. After giving birth to her, she had

never once held her in her arms.

Seeing how hurt Naomi was, Mrs. Irving grabbed her hand and said, “Miss, you can’t blame Mr. Topaz
for not telling you the truth. He didn’t know how to tell you about your mother, and he didn’t want to
break your heart.”

Naomi bit her lips to hold her tears back.” Yeah. I don’t blame my father.” Even though her father had
not told her the truth, the one thing she knew was that her father loved her very much. He had not
given up on her even after she had been comatose for more than a decade. She just couldn’t bring
herself to hate her father.

Meanwhile, in the ward…

“Why the hell did you return? What do you want from Nelly?” Anthony had lost his patience with her. He
still did not understand why he would fall in love with such a cruel woman back then.

He had retired from the entertainment industry and quit being an agent because he was disappointed in

Patricia averted her gaze and replied,” Can’t I return to see my daughter?”

Anthony pointed out and shouted angrily,” If you feel sorry for your daughter, you should’ve returned
long ago when your daughter was lying comatose in the nursing home!”

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