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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1173

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Chapter 1173

Nolan wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his embrace. “I’ll go pay him a visit this

“Bring me along.” Maisie said as she put her arms around his neck. Even though she did not put on any
makeup, she still looked seductive and alluring.

Nolan narrowed his eyes and bumped the back of his teeth with his tongue.

Suddenly, he took his tie off, stunning Maisie.

Before she could do anything, he had scooped her up from the floor and put her on the table. She
placed her palm on his chest and said, “Nolan, you still have to go to the office-”

Nolan pressed his lips onto hers as he slowly invaded her inch by inch. He put his hands on her waist
and said, “It will only take 3 0 minutes.

Maisie was rendered speechless.

At the hospital…

By the time Anthony came around, it was already 10:00 a m. When he saw his daughter sitting beside
him, he offered her a weak smile and said, “Nelly.”

Naomi lifted her head, and a smile broke across her face when she saw her father had woken up.

Then, a worried expression crawled onto her face as she lowered her head. “Dad, I’m worried about

Her father was the only family member she had. She spent many years with the regret of not being
able to be with her father, and she was terrified of losing her loved ones.

He lifted her hand to rub the top of her head. “I’m sorry. I’ve made you worry about me.”

Anthony was stunned when he saw the woman that appeared at the door, and his face sank.

Naomi turned her head over and saw it was Mrs. Gosling.

Mrs. Gosling was holding a mealbox in her hand. She smiled at Anthony and said,” You’re awake.”

“What are you doing here?” Anthony replied coldly.

Naomi did not know what had happened between her father and Mrs. Gosling, but she still decided to
tell him the truth. “Dad, Mrs. Gosling transfused her blood to you last night.”

Anthony did not say anything.

Mrs. Gosling walked up to Naomi with a smile on her face and said, “Nelly. Can I call you that?”

Naomi knew Mrs. Gosling was trying to cotton up to her. Since she knew her father, and although she
did not know what kind of relationship her father and Mrs. Gosling had, Mrs. Gosling was older than
her, so she nodded.

Mrs. Gosling put the mealbox down and said to Naomi, “Do you want to have lunch together at noon?”

Naomi was stunned.

However, before she could say anything, Anthony stepped in and declined on her behalf. “She doesn’t
want to have lunch with you. There were plenty of opportunities for you to do so in the past, but why
have you never thought of her?

Mrs. Gosling’s face turned pale, and she lowered her head. “…I have my own reason.”

Anthony sneered. “You’re now the wife of the chairman of the Petroleum

Corporation. Does Alexander know that you came to see me?”

Mrs. Gosling pressed her lips thin. Naomi, who was standing on the sidelines watching the tension
between the two of them, vaguely sensed something. However, she didn’t dare to think about it
because she didn’t think it was possible. “Dad…” Naomi’s voice snapped Anthony back to reality. He
looked at her and apologized in a deep voice, “I’m sorry, Nelly.” He shouldn’t have lost himself in front
of his daughter.

Naomi looked at Mrs. Gosling, and Mrs. Gosling was also watching her. “Didn’t your father tell you
anything?” She was stunned. “Tell me what?”



“Patricia!” Anthony shouted before solemnly saying. “What do you expect me to tell her? Tell her that
she has a mother who abandoned her?”

Patricia froze, while Naomi was dumbstruck.

Naomi looked at her father incredulously and asked, “Dad, didn’t you say my mother was dead?”

“Because I don’t think it’s necessary,

Instead of letting you know you have an irresponsible mother, I’d rather tell you she’s dead,” Anthony
replied in a grave voice.

Patricia did not expect he would say something like that before their daughter, and her face sank.

However, when Naomi looked at her, she did not know what she should say to her. After all, she was
the one who had cruelly abandoned her back then.

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