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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1170

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Chapter 1170

*Grandpa, you promised that you’d give me my console back if I got a 90!” Daisie complained because
she wanted her console back.

Nicholas drank his tea on the couch and looked helpless. The little girl was so obsessed with games
that her grades were below 80 now. He put down his teacup.” Yes, I promised, I’ll give it back to you
when you get 90 points, but there’s a condition…

“You have to make sure that you hit 90 for all subjects.”

Daisie was surprised. She suddenly lowered her head and scratched her cheek. Getting a 90 for all
subjects was too tough.

Nicholas chuckled and pointed at her head. “Look at you. Your father and brothers have spoiled you.
They complimented you because you were doing well, and now you’re getting too proud.” ;

Daisie pouted. “Can I… play for an hour?”

Nicholas looked at her. “Just one hour.”

“Yes!” She nodded. “I’ll only play for an hour a day!”

“Alright, I’ll believe you this once. I’ll throw it away if you exceed one hour,” Nicholas warned.

Daisie entered the study and looked into all the drawers. Her grandfather had said that the console was
in the study.

Mr. Cheshire walked past and heard noises. He saw Daisie on her knees going through the drawers
when he entered.” Young Miss, what are you looking for?”

My game console. Grandpa agreed to let me play,” Daisie finally found it in the bottom-most drawer
and flashed a big grin.

Mr. Chesire didn’t understand why children were so obsessed with games.

Just when Daisie was closing the drawer, she saw a folded-up newspaper. At first, she didn’t pay
attention to it, but the young heir of the Knowles’ caught her attention.

She unfolded the newspaper, saw something, and froze.

When she ran out of the study, she bumped into Nicholas, and before he could say anything, she ran
back into her room.

“Why is this girl running around?” He looked into the study and saw the console on the floor. She hadn’t
even taken it with her.

Nicholas frowned. He went in and saw the opened drawer and the newspaper, then immediately stuffed
it back in.

Nolan got back to the Goldmann mansion, and Mr. Chesire told him about Daisie.

Nolan loosened his tie and squinted. “Has she been playing since she got back?” Mr. Chesire replied,
“She started when you traveled overseas with Mrs. Goldmann. After the Young Miss was sent to a
different class from her brother, she was pretty much stuck to her game and didn’t make any new
friends in school.”

Nolan pressed his lips together. Just when he was going to have a word with his daughter, he saw
Nicholas standing at the top of the stairs. “Daisie found out about Nollace.”

Nolan was stunned.

At that moment, Daisie was curled up in bed and crying her eyes out.

Nolan pushed her door open, and she was sniffling and wiping off her tears.

He chuckled and sat on the edge of her bed. “Do you believe that the paper says?”

Daisie cried, “How would I not believe that? Why didn’t he come back?”

Nolan frowned. “Do you really like spending time with that silly boy so much?’

“Nolly isn’t a silly boy.” Daisie stopped crying. Nolan chuckled, but his heart ached, seeing how red her
eyes were. He didn’t know how to handle her, just like how he was with her mother. “He’s not dead.
He’s very much alive. He is back home in Yaramoor now.’

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