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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1175

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Chapter 1175

Patricia pressed her lips thin.

“I don’t care what you want from Nelly. It was you who didn’t want her back then, so she’s mine,
Anthony Topaz’s daughter. She isn’t related to you in the slightest, Patricia.” Anthony hissed.

“How can you be sure that Nelly doesn’t want me as her mother? I’m, after all, her biological mother,”
she asked.

“I don’t want you to be my mother.” Naomi’s voice rang out behind them.

Both of them turned around and saw her standing at the door. She was not going to be polite with
Patricia anymore. Patricia was stunned when she heard what Naomi said. She did not expect that she
would reject her so straightforwardly. Naomi walked up to her father and turned her head to look at
Patricia. “I don’t have a mother. I just have a father. For me, this is a fact that will never change.”

“Nelly, how could you,”

“It’s because of my father that I’m standing here right now.” Patricia’s expression changed slightly when
she heard what Naomi said. She turned her head to look at Mrs. Irving, who was standing outside of
the ward, and said, “You have told her everything?”

I’m just stating the truth. It’s a fact that you don’t deserve to be Ms. Topaz’s mother,” Mrs. Irving replied

Patricia did not say anything anymore. She turned around and stormed out of the ward.

Naomi helped her father to lay on the bed.” Don’t worry, Dad. I won’t leave your side.”

Anthony revealed a smile of relief after what she said. “I’m worried she might have a hidden agenda for
approaching you, but I’m relieved now after hearing what you said.”

In the afternoon…

Nolan and Maisie came to pay Anthony a visit. Anthony seemed to have something to talk to Nolan
about, so Maisie and Naomi came out of the ward.

In the corridor, Naomi expressed her gratitude to Maisie. “Thank you for giving me a day off, Ms.
Vanderbilt.” Maisie smiled, “Don’t mention it. He’s your father, and you should take a day off to take
care of him.”

When Nolan came out of the ward, Maisie asked with a smile, “Are you done?”

“Yeah,” Nolan replied. “Then I’m going in,” Naomi replied.

Maisie nodded.

When Naomi returned to the ward, Maisie looked at Nolan. “What did Mr. Topaz tell you? What’s so

Nolan hugged her, and both of them walked into the elevator. “He wants me to help him look into

She was stunned. “Who?”

He pressed the button and said, “Patricia Emerson, the wife of the chairman of the Petroleum
Corporation.” Maisie thought for a long while. She seemed to have heard the name somewhere before,
and she was the wife of the chairman of the Petroleum Corporation

“She’s about the same age as my mother, and she was also one of the most famous celebrities in the
entertainment industry back then.”

Nolan’s explanation jolted Maisie’s memory. “So it’s her, but she retired from the entertainment industry
a long time ago.”

Rumor had it that she had retired from the entertainment industry after getting married into a rich family.
so many young people nowadays did not know her.

It was just that there was something she did not understand. “Why does Mr. Topaz want you to look into
her?” The two metal doors opened, and both of them came out of the elevator. He chuckled and
stopped in his tracks to look at her.” Since when have you liked to gossip so much?” She was stumped.
“I’m not gossiping. Can’t leven ask?”

Upon seeing the blush on her cheeks, Nolan grabbed her into his arms without caring for other
people’s gazes.

Maisie was shocked. As she looked at the people looking at them, she pushed him gently. “Stop it. Talk

He lifted his eyebrows and replied, “Am I not talking properly to you now?”

Maisie was stumped. Nolan giggled hoarsely as he scratched the tip of her nose. “Since you’re so
curious about it, I’ll tell you when we get back to the car.

“Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Maisie said.

Nolan smiled helplessly.

Maisie would become jealous very soon in the past, but now, she had become a gossip. At the private

It was a physical education class right now. Daisie sat with her back hunched by the basketball court
and watched her classmates play games. She put her elbows on her legs and her chin on her palm.
She looked bored.

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