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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1179

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Chapter 1179

Maisie did not say anything.

Patricia waited in the lobby until the late evening when Naomi passed by after getting off work and
found out that she was still there. She was a little surprised to hear the staff in the lobby say that her
mother had waited for her all afternoon.

Seeing Naomi, Patricia got off the couch with a smile. Her legs and feet were probably stiff due to the
lack of movement, so the way she walked up to Naomi looked unnatural. “Nelly.”

Naomi took two steps back, refusing to let her mother take another step closer to her.” Why are you still

“…” Patricia realized that Naomi was wary of herself, but the matter at hand could not

be delayed any longer. Thus, even if she had to do something shameless to get close to her daughter,
she had just to bite the bullet and do it.

“Nelly, I know that you blame me for everything that’s happened to you.” Patricia took her hand. “I
struggled a lot too back then before I decided to do what I did.’

Naomi’s gaze landed on Patricia’s hand, which looked well maintained. Her hands could be considered
very delicate for someone who was already in her 40s. They did not look like they belonged to a
woman who had suffered a lot before this.

She flung Patricia’s hand off her arm. “Your struggle can’t be brought up as the reason you abandoned
Dad and me.”

Patricia was startled.

Seeing that Naomi was turning around and was about to leave, she exclaimed, “Nelly, I know I owe you
and your father a lot! You can think that I’m a selfish mother, but wasn’t your father a selfish boyfriend

Naomi stopped but did not look back, and Patricia stepped forward. “When I got pregnant with you, it
was an accident. I wasn’t ready to conceive a child at all back then.”

She walked around Naomi and stopped in front of her. “Everything happened when my career was
booming, so how could I just retire and give birth to a child? But your father insisted that I must give
birth to you.”

Naomi’s eyelashes twitched, but her expression was unchanged. “So, are you saying that I’m the child
you never wanted?”

Patricia fell silent.

Naomi raised her head and forced a smile.’ Since you’ve never wanted to keep me, why are you here
wanting to meet me now? I’ve always regarded that my mother died long ago, so why would you still
walk into my life?”

“L…” She choked on her own words.

Naomi lowered her head powerlessly. “You did nothing wrong when you decided that you didn’t want to
keep me, but Dad did nothing wrong either when he decided that he wanted to keep me as his only
child. After all, he’s raised me by himself for so many years, and he’s never asked you for anything. He
never once brought me along and stepped back into your life to hinder the happiness that you own
now, so how can you say that he’s a selfish man?”

Patricia was rendered speechless.

“If he were a selfish man, I wouldn’t have become the person that I am now. Actually, I don’t even hate
you at all. That’s because I have no memory of my mother, let alone any feelings for her.”

She then smiled. “The maternal love that I can’t obtain from you, I got it from Mrs.

Irving. She might not be my mother, but she’s done everything that a mother would do for me. As for
Dad, needless to say, he loves me even more. So, I don’t think that I ever missed out on anything while
I was growing up. That’s also why I have a little next to no resentment toward life. On the contrary, I
cherish the life that I have even more now.”

Blood was drained from Patricia’s cheeks as her face turned dull. She even felt somewhat ashamed
deep down.

“If you have nothing else to say, I’ll take my leave first.” Naomi nodded at her, and her attitude seemed
rather detached.

Patricia was still frozen in place even after Naomi left the scene.

At the Goldmann mansion…

Maisie and Nolan went back to have dinner with the kids. As usual, Colton and Daisie argued with each
other as soon as they disagreed on something. The two rugrats really became noisier and noisier as
they got older. Nicholas was not surprised, but Alfred defended them, saying that all children were born
to be noisy-that was how all houses with children stayed lively,

Maisie chuckled. “Has Nolan never made a fuss before when he was young?”

“He was worse when compared to these two imps.” Nicholas snorted and squinted

at Nolan. “He didn’t do much when he was home, but he never failed to start a war at someone else’s

Maisie could not help but laugh out loud..

Nolan fetched Maisie some asparagus as he said to his father, “I consider myself to be extremely
restrained back then.”

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