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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1181

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Chapter 1181

Daisie wondered again. “What are the things that would make me feel uncomfortable?”

Colton, who was standing on the side, said helplessly, “Gosh, something like cuddling and kissing, you
nitwit. Dad said that we boys can’t touch girls so casually as it’s very impolite for us to do so. After all,
it’s rather improper for men and women to get into too much contact. Dad also claimed that I can’t hug
you so casually in the future when we’ve grown up.”

Maisie almost choked on her own words.

‘Nolan has taught this boy well!

Daisie finally understood.

‘It’s no wonder I could sleep with Colton

and Wayion before this, but I have to sleep by myself now. And that’s why Colton doesn’t hug me
anymore! Daisie thought of something all of a sudden. “Mom, does it count when he rubs my head?”

Maisie cleared her throat. “Rubbing your head is still acceptable.”

“So is it fine as long as we don’t hug or kiss?” she asked again.

Maisie nodded, then flicked her forehead.” You’re still young. It’ll be normal to hug and kiss someone
else when you turn 18 and are old enough to date another boy.”

Daisie asked again, “Are you referring to the kind of kissing and hugging that both you and Dad do?”

Maisie covered her forehead with her hand.

‘Teaching them such knowledge is indeed very tiring.’

She then took a deep breath and summarized everything for Daisie. “Daisie, listen, as soon as you’ve
kissed or hugged a boy, you can only marry him in the future. So, just don’t kiss or hug any boy
casually. Do you understand?”

Daisie stared at her and opened her mouth. “Then… Then, if I’ve hugged Nolly before this, does it
mean that I can only marry him in the future?”

Maisie was at a loss for words. The next day. Naomi went downstairs for breakfast after freshening up
and suddenly heard her father’s angry voice coming from the courtyard. “How dare you ask for this!?”
She walked to the door suspiciously, only to find Patricia standing in the courtyard with her father. She
did not know what Patricia had said to her father, but Anthony looked exasperated.

“Anton, I haven’t asked you for anything over the years. I know that you resent my betrayal, but I’m
begging you, please help me out. I really need Nelly’s help.”

Anthony took a deep breath, flung her hand off his arm, turned his head away, and laughed angrily. “So
you’ve come to beg me for the son that you have with Alexander Gosling. Do you know that Nelly is
your daughter too? But you’ve never ever cared about her over all those years. You only recall that you
have a daughter now that you need to find someone whose bone marrow matches your son?

If there was no need for you to find your son a match, would you even remember her?”

Patricia’s face looked pale as she felt extremely embarrassed at the moment. After all, she was indeed
not a good mother to Naomi.

Naomi was stunned and froze on the spot.

‘She’s looking for a match…

“Does she need my bone marrow for a bone marrow transplant?’

In fact, Patricia had already known the result of the test long ago, but she had run out of choices. That
was why she abandoned the dignity of a wealthy lady at this moment and knelt straight on the ground.

Her action not only shocked Anthony but also surprised Naomi. However, all the emotions disappeared
from her face in an


Anthony frowned. “What does this mean?” “She’s my only chance.” Patricia’s eyes were bloodshot.
She had never knelt on the ground and begged anyone in her life.” Anton. I know this might be the
retribution that I deserve, but that child is only 11 years old. So if possible, I’m willing to bear all the pain

for him!”

She jerked Anthony as her sobs caught her throat. “Back then, you begged me to give birth to Naomi,
so take this as me begging you in return. Anton, I can guarantee that the operation will be performed
smoothly, and I guarantee that the process won’t put Nelly in any danger!”

Her lowly plea made Anthony look downcast for a moment. He almost could not remember what the
pride on Patricia’s face

looked like back then.

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