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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1180

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Chapter 1180

Nicholas did not even bother to care about Nolan’s prestige as the father of the two rugrats present.
“Your mother actually threatened to beat you up every single time, ould you have the guts not to do as

Nolan glanced at Nicholas.

“Dad, Trandma actually hit you when you were a kid?” Colton got the main point of the whole story.

Nolan turned his head and glared at Colton. “Do you want to try it out?”

Colton shut up immediately.

Maisie leaned toward him. “Wow, you’ve learned to threaten your son now.”

Nolan responded seriously, “We can’t spoil our son too much. We must beat him when he deserves it.”

Colton refuted aggrievedly, “Why would you only beat your son? What about Daisie?”

Daisie blinked. “I won’t get beaten because I’m a good girl!”

Colton sighed as if he was an adult. “Being a son has so many cons. Mommy, why didn’t you make me
a girl?”

Maisie fetched herself a bowl of soup. “If you’re a girl, you’ll have to get married to someone else and
give birth to babies when you grow up. Would you be willing to give birth to a baby?”

Colton rubbed his head. “Uh… I think I’ll pass.

I’d be like Godmother if I carried a baby. She’s always walking around with that heavy belly, and the
idea of having that big belly on me is already killing my legs. He took a glance at Daisie, who was
deshelling her shrimp. “So, is Daisie going to get married and have a baby when she grows up?”

Daisie had no idea what Colton was talking about. Nicholas laughed. “I wonder which lucky b* stard will
get to marry Daisie in the future.’

Nolan replied casually, “Shouldn’t those lucky b*stards first think if they’re worthy of your
granddaughter?” Nicholas nodded. “It’d be nice if you could think so for the sake of Zee’s father when
you married her.”

Nolan was rendered speechless.

After dinner, Maisie took the children for a walk in the yard. Daisie had brought along her bubble
machine and was blowing bubbles while they were strolling in the yard.

The bubbles looked colorful under the reflection of the sunset. Maisie rubbed her hair. “Did you pester
your Grandpa into buying you toys again?”

“This isn’t a gift from Grandpa. A boy gave it to me.”

Maisie paused. “Which boy gave this to you?”

Why don’t I know about the new friend that Daisie made recently?’

Daisie replied instantly, “He’s a boy from school. He’s studying in the 6th grade this year.”

Colton crossed his arms. “Why would he give you toys?”

“That’s none of your business.” Daisie snorted. “He is my friend now.” “Pfft! Be careful not to be
deceived. Those sixth-graders are known to be very cunning.” Colton turned his face away. ” Don’t

come crying to me when you find out that you’ve been deceived.”

“I won’t!”

Seeing that the two rugrats were quarreling again, Maisie covered her forehead with her palm.

‘It seems that those books that claim that the older the child, the harder it is to control are not totally
unreasonable.’ Daisie ran up to Maisie and complained,” Mom, Colton is bullying me!” She looked so
aggrieved that she was about to cry.



When Colton saw this, he snorted with his little arms akimbo and whispered, “I wouldn’t even bother to
care about you if you weren’t my sister.’

Maisie looked at Daisie and pinched her chubby cheek. “Colton is right. It’s a good thing that you’re
making friends, but you must choose wisely in order to make good friends.

What is a good friend?’ Daisie did not understand.

‘Isn’t a friend, a friend?

Maisie knew that Daisie’s heart was pure and innocent, so she explained earnestly,’ A good friend is
someone who can help you

in your study or life, while a bad friend would want you not to study and show you how to do bad

Daisie tilted her head. But my friend is

also good at studying, so he shouldn’t be a bad friend.”

Maisie smiled without saying a word.

She could not teach Daisie how to distinguish the people she encountered in school, but she could at
least teach her to defend herself. “I won’t stop you from being friends with him. But that new friend is a
boy, and you’re a girl. So, if he were to do anything to you that makes you feel uncomfortable, that
would make him a bad friend.”

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