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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1185

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Chapter 1185

“Nelly. I’m sorry…” Patricia could not help but feel sad

“You don’t have to say sorry. We’re even now.” She still had a smile hanging on her face, and it looked
extremely calm.

Naomi was discharged from the hospital two days later, and Anthony came to pick up his daughter.

After returning home, Naomi initially wanted to go to work, but her father would not let her. Naomi only
took a day off and went back to Soul the next day. She passed by a cafe while she was on her way to
the company, so she went in to buy herself a cup of coffee to give herself a lift.

When it was time to check out, she unexpectedly found that she did not have any cash on her, which
made her feel a little embarrassed. “Sorry. I forgot to bring my purse with me. Please leave the coffee
here first. I’ll go back and grab my purse now.”

The cashier replied with a smile, “Our cafe accepts online payments too.”

*Online payment?” Naomi was momentarily stunned, and she suddenly thought of her previous
experience when she went shopping with Ryleigh.

It seems that Ryleigh always pays using her cell phone.’ The cashier looked puzzled. “Don’t you know?
Not many people travel around with stacks of cash now as online payment has taken over. So, as long
as your cell phone is bound to a debit or credit card, you can pay for almost anything with your cell

Naomi pursed her lower lip. “I’ve… I haven’t attached any card to my phone.”

Is online payment really a thing now? I really don’t know much about it.’

The other cashier stared at her with a weird gaze. “Is that even possible? There’s actually someone
who still doesn’t know how to pay for something through online payment nowadays?”

Naomi’s hand that was holding her phone tightened, and she was about to turn around and leave.
However, that was when an arm came into her sight from the side.” I’ll pay for her. How much is it?”

The cashier replied, “She ordered an Americano. It costs $4.”

Naomi was shocked. She turned around and stared at the tall man standing beside her. The man had
successfully paid her bill with his cell phone.

The man then grabbed the coffee the cashier handed to him, turned around, and handed it to her. “This
is yours.”

Naomi was astonished.

‘Isn’t this man the one who helped the old lady who fell from the wheelchair in the hospital corridor the
other day?’

She remembered the scene perfectly.

Seeing that she was stunned, Francisco could not help but feel helpless. He placed the coffee in her
hand. “Hold it.” He grabbed his laptop bag, turned around, and left. When Naomi finally returned to her
senses, she ran after him. “Sir, please wait a moment.”

He stopped and turned to look at her.” What’s the matter?”

“I’ll pay you back the money.” Naomi took out her cell phone. “Please give me your account number.”
“It’s just a small amount of money. There’s no need for you to pay me back.” Francisco smiled, turned
around, and got into a car, which drove away quickly.

Naomi returned to the company and happened to run into Maisie and Lucy in the corridor.

Maisie was startled for a split second.” Why aren’t you staying at home for a few more days?”

Naomi replied with a smile, “I don’t want to waste too much time.” Lucy looked at her. “You’re working
too hard. You’re already not feeling too well, but you’re still thinking about your work.” Lucy did not
know that she had gone away for a few days to donate bone marrow and only thought she was sick
and had to call in sick.

Naomi smiled.

Maisie asked Lucy to deal with her tasks first. She then walked up to Naomi after Lucy left and said
helplessly, “You, your body hasn’t recovered, yet you’re forcing yourself to work.”

Naomi lowered her gaze. “It’s alright. I feel like I’ve almost fully recovered. After all, I have to come
back to see how the jewelry production is going.”

“That’s not a problem. I’ll keep an eye on it for you.” Maisie placed her hand on Naomi’s shoulder. “I
have to teach you

something else apart from carving.”

Naomi froze for a short moment.

Maisie took her to the workshop, where all the tools and rough stones were kept.

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