Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 6.2 Yue’er, why don’t you pour tea for Xiaoyuan? Part 2

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“Hello Aunt Song,” Lin Yuan walked over with a smile.

Song Xuan laughed and looked at Lin Yuan with a gentle look after hearing him call her Auntie. She prefers he call her auntie, although it seems to indicate her age.

This middle-aged woman is Yan Ruyue’s mother, Song Xuan.

Song Xuan is a very resilient and smart woman, and she is wearing a suit even at home. Song Xuan has influenced the character of Yan Ruyue greatly.

“Auntie is busy with work and did not take a good look at you for three years. Sigh ….” Song Xuan spoke very gently with Lin Yuan, resembling a gentle and caring elder.

“Yue’er, why don’t you pour tea for Xiaoyuan?” She frowned as she talked to Yan Ruyue.

“Yes, yes,” Yan Ruyue was reluctant to do so, but she still got up and poured tea. She is an iceberg beauty outside but she did not dare to be rash in front of her strong mother.

“Cough …” Song Xuan coughed a few times when Yan Ruyue poured tea. She seemed to have caught a cold.

Lin Yuan and Song Xuan began to talk about the daily life of the family, and so on.

As a successful person, Song Xuan is good at conversations.

Lin Yuan is also an eloquent and fluent speaker. He knows a little about the character of Song Xuan, so the two had a very harmonious conversation.

Song Xuan’s eyes toward Lin Yuan became softer.

Finally, the topic gets mentioned.

“Xiao Yuan, have you decided to break off the engagement?” Song Xuan asked solemnly.

“If you don’t want to break it off, it’s not too late to regret it now.”

Yan Ruyue was pretending to play games on her mobile phone while listening to the conversations earnestly. She tensed up when she heard Song Xuan’s words. She knew her mother was speaking earnestly. The divorce gets nullified as soon as Lin Yuan utters the word remorse. However, Lin Yuan’s words made her relax.

“Auntie, my decision is final. Ruyue is a good woman, but we may not be suitable for each other. Marriage is a major event for two individuals. We cannot force it onto someone,” Lin Yuan stated.

“Yeah … marriage is a major event for two individuals …” Song Xuan seemed to think of something and contemplated for a few seconds.

She soon recovered and said smilingly, “Since you have decided, Auntie will not persuade you anymore.”

Song Xuan turned her head towards Yan Ruyue and said coldly, “Xiao Yuan is so good. It is a blessing for you to marry him. Unfortunately, you don’t know how to cherish it. Cough …”

Song Xuan violently coughed a few times after saying that.

“No matter how good he is, I don’t like him,” Yan Ruyue seemed very persistent and even dared to answer back Song Xuan.

“You… cough…” Song Xuan frowned and wished to scold Yan Ruyue, but coughed several times without saying anything.

“There should be freedom in choosing a marriage partner…” Yan Ruyue was very rebellious in this matter and continued to mumble.

Lin Yuan was not prepared to speak in someone else’s family matters, but he had just had a great conversation with Song Xuan and thus was unable to refrain from saying, “Why are you still speaking? Don’t you see Auntie coughing continuously?”

However, Yan Ruyue, not prepared to shut up, went on to speak. She felt that she would never have such an opportunity like today again when she dares to say something to her mother.

She wanted to make it clear today!

“If there is no freedom in marriage, what is the point of being alive,” Yan Ruyue said getting more and more emotionally excited.

“Cough cough cough…” On the other side, Song Xuan coughed even more fiercely.

Song Xuan suddenly closed her eyes and collapsed on the ground.

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